Sunday, August 30, 2009


OH BOY did I do some shopping today--here goes==
some novelty buttons--one can never have enough of these--you just never know when one might be just the thing that is needed to put the perfect touch on your project???/

And here is some "tools' one always needs to have on hand==
Cotton threads in lots of colors--always good buy ---
More of the novelty buttons--can you tell I like hearts, bears, and cats?????
More and more cards of buttons mostly red ones and star buttons--I know already where some of these will be used--on some of the Christmas projects I am working on!!!


They were all purchased in a JoAnn's store--too!!!

I SAVED A TOTAL OF $100.94 ON THIS PURCHASE--THAT IS SAVED MY DEAR BLOGGING FRIENDS+++all of this cost me a grand total of $34.79 including sales tax!!!!!

No joke--our Joann's store at the local mall is moving to a bigger store down the road a ways-- ( it will be harder for us to get there, now!!!!) and they were having a 60% to 80% off today--the buttons were 80% off--so I just keep putting them in my basket--I love buttons!!!!

I did get this project ready for applique:

And to end today's post I want to share a picture with you that I took when I got home today--I knew that my friend, Mary, was having her great grand babies visit--so I popped down and took a couple pictures--here's a great one:
Happy Day to you all---see ya tomorrow--hugs, just, Di


Joy McD said...

Oh my! You did sooo well!! I wish we had a Joann's here shutting down!!! Oh well, I've got enough stuff :)
I love your Christmas aprons and placemats by the way :) You've done such a lot this month!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Di!!

I have finished my August Christmas Challenge items and have the photos on my blog. Thanks for the nudge to do this, and sorry I got the idea all mixed up in my head - BUT, I do have 3 gifts made early this year thanks to that muddle! \o/

Julia said...

Great shopping Di...
any saving is good and that was so good!
Julia ♥

limpingalong said...

What bargains you got! You'll have loads of fun making things with all those goodies!

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