Thursday, August 20, 2009


I was actually home all day today--only went down for the mail--but then it was also a day where I was not feeling my best and I needed a whole day to myself--you know how that goes????
I have to tell you--this new laptop with the bigger screen is awesome--some of you bloggers out there have some beautiful sites that I was missing all this time--and now with the roadrunner Internet service the sites totally load in less than a minute--so I get to enjoy all the pictures and the color is soooo much better!!!! Keep up all the good work, fellow bloggers!!

thanks for all your comments on my site--I keep trying to email thank you;s but I still can't seem to get it to work from your "personal view" pages--help--anyone????

OK first for today does any one know or have you ever seen these before????
I found these 4 plastic birds in an antique shop here in town and I paid $12.00 for the 4 of them--which is unusual for me to spend that much on plastic birds---but look at what they really are--and what they really do----
Can you believe they are clothes pins---they are perfect for my clothes line in the bathroom that holds a couple of my hankies that have crocheted butterflies on them--any one can have wood pins now I can be different with my plastic bird ones????

Here is some more "goodies" from garage sales--the first three items on the right I got on Saturday and they were only 10 cents each--am most excited about the sprinkler top--now to find an old bottle to put to put it on for display!!!!!
And yes, I am working on a 'Ch mas project--this panel of the applique nativity scene will go on another project that is in the works--got quite a little done on it today--but it's not finished yet.

And here is some pictures of some of the fabrics that I have gotten lately:

Well that's all for tonight tomorrow Friday--then a whole weekend to have fun and play in/work in--?????

See ya--hugs, just, Di


  1. I hope you are feeling refreshed after having a whole day to yourself. You certainly have earned a little quiet time with your busy schedule lately. Love all your garage sale finds and your fabrics are gorgeous. I did a bit of fabric shopping myself yesterday and I have a machine embroidery class tomorrow at my favorite fabric store, so who knows where that will lead???? On that note I suppose I should get back to my quilt. Take Care, A-

  2. How wonderful to have a day to yourself. I do remember those sprinklers, my mother use to have one on her water for her ironing. Love your Nativity scene. I just recieved some charm packs in the mail. Did not remember ordering that many.............

  3. Those are some sweet little clothes pins *s*

  4. Oh boy, road runner now you can more blogs "faster" LOL
    I just love those little bird clothes pins. Never have seen them before. So cute.


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