Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is my "new" word for the rest of this year at least---BELIEVE--and the first thing I am

going to "believe" in is that I will have some time to actually quilt this MONTH and that I will get some of the Christmas projects completed this month--(ok now you can quit laughing!!!) AND and second thing I believe in is that I will be able to learn how to use the newest baby--which by the way, my new computer needs a name--any good ideas out there (besides---trouble, confusion and headache)?????? Here's some pictures of the New Baby-----
And here she is in all her glory---
And I believe this new toy will give all my blogging friends some great photo's to look at--once I get the software downloaded in the new computer--
Wonder if my photos will still come out bleary--it has an anti shake mode--but will that mean no blurry pictures????

Now I did get the hand work done on ONE Christmas project today and here it is:
And here is a close up of Sunbonnet Sue:
I now have to sew some blocks together for the border to go around it--maybe next week I will have more time?????
This series in the blues I ordered on line and they came in yesterday--I just love them and can't wait to use them--what am I going to make with them--if only "I" knew??????

And I just fell in love with this line at the Quilt shop in Ithaca, that I told you about that I went to on Sunday--the bottom piece is a tree skirt--it has a row of Birdhouse and birds going around it , and then at the bottom is a row of mittens with birds in them---SOOOOO cute--the ones on the top are to go with the tree skirt and probably a table runner or placemats????

Now I also got some fall fabric and patterns there--but you will just have to "wait" until another day to see those--can't show all my "goodies" in one day!!!!!

happy stitching and remember that "our" summer here in the states is going by really fast--so be sure to take time to enjoy it, too-----hugs, just, Di


  1. I hope that you do get more time for quilting. I know that we all wish that everyday. Congrats on the new computer and camera!

  2. Yay getting the new gadgets , wish we could all buy stitching time . Love your Christmas fabrics .

  3. I believe you will be able to do all the things you set yourself out to do. Great reading

  4. It looks to me like you are going to get at least 3 projects done and probably more. Sue is really cute and looking well on the way to being finished. And all your new purchases are gorgeous. Don't spend too many frustrating hours fiddling with the laptop and you will be fine! Good Luck, A-

  5. Love the Christmas Fabric.
    Who's puts it out?
    Of course Sunbonnet Sue is my all time favorite.

  6. Sunbonnet Sue is just gorgeous. I "believe" you are going to get a whole heap of projects done this month! Congrats with your new baby and good luck playing with her!
    I am still trying to decide what my next Christmas project is... sigh!

  7. Whew! I just finished reading all your posts and I am worn out. You have been so busy. Hope you get your computer figured out so you can put pictures on your blog.
    The Sunbonnet Sue is so cute.


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