Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ironing Tips---

Let's see it is Day 4 already--And I finally got some sewing done on the "machine"!!! My first project to work on was this one:
And the first part for me was making the pockets--You needed to sew 2 pattern pieces together to make the pocket--I got them cut and was sewing them and I began to wonder if there was a special way of ironing them so that the sewed seam was even and flat--and this is how I came about ironing them:
First after you sew the seam==you always want to set your stitches--so just iron on top of the seam:Then open it up--and turn it right side up:

And then press the seam--with pressing the seam allowance on back to one side of the pieces:
Then fold the fabric back to in half and finger/hand press the seam--becareful the fabric may still be hot from the iron:
Then run your iron over the seam line being sure to fold your piece on the fold. I found this gave me nice neat seams--front and back, so they lined up nice for the next step, which was sewing them to a square pc of fabric;
You did this to sets of squares then you sewed them together and then sewed the rows to gether to get a "tree"--
There is 5 pocket on this wall hanging--I still have the top piece to do and the bottom piece to applique yet--the one in the book says Merry on top and Christmas on bottom--but as you all know by "now" Di usually does something different and this is one of those times--but I think you will like it too---so here's to finishing it:::::

Well Happy Stitching to you all--but also if you are in the summer time where you live, be sure to get outside each day and enjoy it--I did get a walk in today and If I told you where I went and what I got --again--you would just shake your heads?????
See ya--Hugs, and Smiles, Just, Di :)


  1. Good hints. Yes...enjoy the outdoors while we can.

  2. I just got back from my walk as a matter of fact and decided to see what everyone was up to. It is a beautiful spring day here in Perth. Thank you for the ironing tips; I am sure they will come in handy. And your Christmas project is going to be great. Different is a good thing!

  3. That looks great! I love the pattern.
    I did a bit of gardening yesterday, pulled some weeds and took the dogs for a walk... will probably do the same today as it looks lovely out there. I am also going to start finishing one of my Christmas quilts today :)


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