Monday, August 24, 2009


Hold on to your seat--this promises to be a "wild" ride tonight========

Can you believe that I was actually able to sew in the sewing room most of the day today--and boy did that feel gooooooood!!!!!! But it also will create this --
Rip--Rip--Ripp it---the first border on the Christmas tree with the sunbonnet Sue that I appliqued came out ok--but the second outer border once it was sewed on just doesn't do it---so it will all come off--DS showed up about this time and I put her to work finding something else that was more suitable and "we" think we found one--if I get the ripping done tonight and the new one sewed on tomorrow-(or when ever) I will show you the before and after pictures!!!

the next one to get put together was the Christmas card holder wall hanging--I really liked the way this one came out and these are my own color choices--here she is---
I even have the binding all made and tagged--the binding is the same color as the outer border--
thought I had a close up of the finished Nativity scene--will do one tomorrow--the original pattern had the words at the top--Merry and at the bottom--Christmas--this goes on a hanger that I got for it that says--Believe--so as the book also had this Nativity scene I felt it should go on it instead--and if you look closely you will see that the top panel is angels flying around--!!!

Two more fabric orders came in today--
I really like all of these prints and the pumpkin one is soooo cute--one of the pumpkins has a nice black spider on his nose!!!!!
The top one is a cute panel with my cats and some puppys --and the bottom piece is for my rocking chair for the "year" that I have time to make it????/
these are from another company--3 packs of charm blocks--I am getting into these 5 inch charm packs--but wonder if I should be getting 2 packs of each--what is your opinion????
The Christmas gift bag pattern my shop had last year and they had made up the Santa and I fell in love with him--but could not get him then--this company is having a sale--so I got him??? Along with some more--why stop with one pattern?????
And two more fall patterns--just like I really needed any more fall ones!!!!
And this book was on sale--it looks like it will be alot of fun to do--does anyone else have it or have you made any of these blocks?????

Here is some more treasures that I got in the last couple weeks--got them washed and pressed up--
I got this whole pile of old hankies--mostly they are with the old tatted edgings--but I also got the pile because I wanted this one--
This goes into my Christmas collection of hankies--
And I found another vintage apron--what can I say??????

I also got 4 fabric placemats started today--hope to finish the tops tomorrow--time will tell, I guess?????

Well. I guess this is long enough for you for one day--see ya tomorrow--hugs, just, Di


alice said...

WOW!!! You are going to be busy for a very long time. I can't wait to see what you do with the one block wonders; I have had my eye on that for awhile. Have fun!!!! A-

carole ann said...

Di I love the fabric you got and most of the time now I do get 2 packs of the charm packs.
That Christams hankie is beautiful, I use to collect hankies when I was a teenager, went every week to Woolworth's and bought one. Not sure whatever happened to them but would kill to have them now. Looks like you are going to be very busy.

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