Thursday, August 6, 2009

A shopping "again" I went???

Yep--on Wednesday I went to my favorite Quilt shop and I shopped ( I had some extra $$$'s come in and I had a list of things I really could use to make my quilting more "fun"--so off I went) and here is some of the new wonderful notions I got:
I got a new iron there, and a new rotary cutter, and "2" new olfa mats for my cutting table--it is the top of a long dresser--so had to get two 18" long ones--they fit great and they worked so neat today and the new cutter is also nice--(iron is still in the box--can't try all my new toys at once!!)
I got several more sizes of the Creative Grid rulers--I had been slowly buying them for awhile, as I found they were soo much better to use and read than the ones with the yellow lines--I just need the 8x8" one--she has it on order for me. I also seen this ruler and as I do do alot of half square triangles I got it--they say they are really nice--I will let you know????
Two more Christmas patterns:
And two more Christmas pattern books????
Yes--I did get a quilt book that is NON Christmas:
These two books were on a clearance table for 60% off and I had been looking at them--so they hopped into my basket:
And Have you ever known, Me to go into a quilt shop and not bought any fabric--the pile of fat quarters on the right are of heavy flannel--for felt projects, a Christmas charm pack , and the big pile of 20 fat quarters are to go with the pattern--All through the night---I love the model we have at the store--sooooooo--but that will probably be a winter project--well, ok, if not this winter what about next one????
Thread--Mettler Com. makes great thread and they have a line of over 100 colors in a 60wt for applique--I had some of the colors already--but this was again one of the things that I had wanted to do--was to get ALL of the colors as I love applique and do alot of it--so now I have it all--well--nearly all of it--I have a special thread box coming for them too.----Soooo-----

That's my story for Wednesday----today I got some machine work done--if I can get the third one done tomorrow I will have pictures for you--2 got done today--( you know this was one of those projects that I had only planned on making one of--but then I knew "others" would see it and want one--so I make 3 while I was at it??????

See ya tomorrow--keep working!!!! Hugs, and smiles :) Just, Di


  1. WOW....looks like it was a great day of shopping.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time shopping. Makes me drool at the sight of all those lovely colours and future projects. Have fun with your new toys

  3. You really had a fun day! And the threads look beautiful. Hope you get soome work done before your visitors arrive. Enjoy!

  4. Nice finds at the quilt shop. I love Joined at the Hip and I hope to get a peeksie into their new book sometime. Have a great weekend! I hope you find some time to quilt!


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