Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some more "Rip-Rip-Rip"!!

Well--here is my story--you know how when you are in a fabric store and sometimes fabrics just seem to fall into place for a project???? Well--maybe that should be a "warning" bell that once home those same fabrics that just "shouted" we all go together --where really just wanting out of the shop and wanting a personnel home of there own!!!!

Here is a project:
You remember this applique that I did????
Well. It was time to put the borders on this week--so yesterday I did just that--
OH Dear--this is not "looking" like I want it too--so off came the outer borders--
OH no the one DS picked out is not "doing" it either---now what????? I guess what it is --is the inner border is wrong for this one--so "rip-rip-rip" off came both borders and on went a new inner one and then I did reuse the 2nd outer border--and this is what I ended up with--
WOW--now it stands up and says--Hello---What a difference borders can make a quilt????

I helped my friend, Anne celebrate her birthday today and we went out for lunch--then this afternoon I redid the quilt above and started on another sewing project--this one is all machine sewing so when it;s done--it;s done!!! Oh and here is a close up of the applique nativity scene from yesterdays post:
And here is another picture of a "treasure" while we were treasuring hunting with my brother--
My brother said this little rocking chair pincushion started out as soda/beer can--I really think it is neat--the seat and the back are made out of a champagne colored velvet.

Well--happy sewing tomorrow--see ya soon--hugs, and smiles--just, Di


  1. Love the quilt, Di and yes.. I agree -the last border is the right one! It really made a difference. I hate that ripping sound though :(

  2. Yep, the last borders are best :) It looks great! I try to avoid unpicking at all costs, but sometimes I must admit that it is necessary!

  3. Love the Christmas piece! You are right -- the borders do make a big difference.
    How clever you are to get this done while it still isn't Christmas -- for it will be before we know it!

  4. It looks great--it was worth all the extra effort. A-

  5. You are right, the borders can make or break a quilt and that last one was worth all of that ripping. It looks great.

  6. Where did you get the pattern for the sunbonnet...I am a total sunbonnet fanatic!




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