Monday, August 3, 2009

Treasures from Sunday's Hunt!!!

T is for treasures---and seeing that August is my make a Christmas month--I have decided to also look for some Christmas treasures this month..My sister usually goes with me and as we both have alot of the same health issues we decided we would only do one Antique store each Sunday and of course there is the fabric store and the little country store we have to go into each week. In this weeks Antique store, the owner mostly has expensive glass items--but he does have alot of jewelry, so we looked at that and this is what I found:
I got these two Christmas pins--at least one of them is going to go into a Christmas design and who knows maybe the second one will too--also found this small old thimble and had to get too. Then we were on our way to the Quilt shop and seen a book table and both of us love books:
I bought these two as they are so cute and I love the stories--OH I forgot to mention that I do at times collect kids books???? Then I found this one:
This story is so cute--here is a couple of the pictures in it:
Do you see the bed made out of a sardine can--how cute is that--and this picture:
Take time to study all the beds in this one--just soooo cute--YEP---I AM STILL A KID AT HEART!!!!!!!

Today was like I said it would be--Laundry and shopping for food--took all day--so very little stitching got done--maybe tomorrow will be better????

Have a good one--hugs, just, Di


  1. I too love childrens books. They are so much more than they first appear. Cool Christmas treasure finds too.

  2. I am still a kid at hear too and I love those storybooks! What a great treasure!!

  3. Lovely pictures in the kids books, would be great patterns for stitchery or applique!

  4. Hi Di, thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments! I love children's books too, and your newfound ones are treasures! I too love the beds in the Christmas one. Enjoy them! :)


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