Saturday, August 15, 2009


My brother and Val picked me up alittle after 9 am this morning and the first place we went "saling" was to a church sale--I got a cute doll bed for $2 that is actuly two twin beds--have no idea what I am going to do with it??? got a ulitily cart for $4 and plan on using it here by the computer table for my printer and office things--got an old music sheet stand for $3, and a large vase filled with silk flowers--mainly got that for the vast as it has the dark blue designs on it--have no idea if I will leave the flowers in it or not??????

Then we went to the small town south of here for there village day sales and I found lots of things that I liked--some I bought--some I didn't!!!! I did not have any floor lamps--now I have two of them!!!! And of course some teddy bears "begged" me for new homes and some even came with a cute rocking chair!!!!! We "saled" all day--we did stop for lunch--had to refuel our brains and bodies--we got home around 5pm and unloaded and then went and got pizza from my favorite place--Pizza hut--and we took it down by the end of the lake and ate it--it's so pretty down there!

OK somehow I "GOOFED" AGAIN??????????WITH the pictures--they are backwards--but you get the idea, right????

I hope to be able to work with taking and downloading some pictures for you tomorrow--we will see--it's also my brother's last day here in NY--and this living/dinning/office room is still under the make-over---so who knows what will happen tomorrow?????

take care and enjoy Sunday with some family fun---hugs, smiles:), just, Di

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