Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A rocking chair day????

It has been a mostly rocking chair kind of day for me today--real achy and just not up to par---but I worked all day just the same---

I worked on Mr. Scarecrow--he is all done and then some now for the hand work until I add more borders and get him ready to hand quilt for a wall hanging--I did add my own touches -- I added the embroidered vines on the pumpkin and the two crows are my addition--can't have a fall hanging with out crows ----RIGHT???????????

I did get a package in the mail for some fabric that I ordered--

The red one is more red than it shows here--it is a Debbie Mumm fabric and I thought it would be great in my stash--along with the other two--love the little blue print one on top---country it shouts!!!!!!!


Now kitty how did you get in there--no it;s not time to play---OR WELL NOW MAYBE IT IS TIME FOR PLAY---

Play for all you that won a give away from the Gum Tree Designers--you get to play with all those new goodies--while the rest of us get to cry in our "beer" CAUSE we didn't win----NO--NOT REALLY--WE WILL ALL BE WINNERS STARTING ON OCT. 5TH when they start sharing with us the Christmas patterns!!!!!!

Have some fun tomorrow everyone---Hugs, to all--Just, Di

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

WOW--You bloggers are GREAT!!!

What can I say---thanks so much to all who read my blog site and especially a big thanks to those of you who are faithful "commenters"!!!!!!

I went outside this afternoon to chase a rainbow--but first I seen our "friend"  the Crow--yes everybody was right they are black crows in high heels on the wall hanging I am working on--when I bought the pattern I had NO idea that the work would be sooo small--just figured the pattern was large as that is how it looks on the pattern photo--never took time to read the actual size of the wall hanging--so I almost did not make it--i mean I could surely never needle turn them skinny skinny legs and I do not do fusible web--(note:  I used to do alot of fusible web--so I am not sure when I got this new attitude about NOT doing it?????)  but I just loved them cute sexy crows in their high heels so--I decided what did I have to lose--except a bit of fabric if I could not do it ---NOW blogging friends--I have to tell you--I know that my FINGERS did that stitching----BUT---I believe some one else was controlling the needle--as I could never do that fine of work----so would the real stitcher step up?????

Here is the rainbow that I seen today--by the way have you ever driven under a rain bow?????  I actually have--what a neat experience that was---I was living in Florida on the East coast in Melbourne and between Melbourne and the island is a river and in order to get to the island they have causeways to drive over--one day as I was going from Melbourne to the island there was a big huge rainbow that arched over the causeway--each end of the rainbow landed in the river--so that when you drove over the causeway you literally drove under the rainbow---now you have heard about Over the Rainbow and NOW you can say you have heard about Under the Rainbow!!!!!!

And here is a fall picture I took while out taking the rainbow picture---Fall is really  here---soooo??????

Have a charming day ---see ya soon-----Hugs, Di

Monday, September 28, 2009

Which do you do first???

I was wondering as I was getting ready to do tonight's post---do you read the other blog site updates first---or do you do your post then read them?????

Ok on to some sewing goodies--here is some fall things I am working on at the moment:

This is a scarecrow that I am needle turning, but using the blanket stitch in black thread for all of it--it has been tricky cause as usual the pattern is backwards for those who do the sticky paper stuff!!!! 

And here is the "biggy" one of have been working on--look closely, now:

First Can you guess what "these" strange shapes are????  Let me tell you that once again this pattern was for the fusible stuff--but I am again doing in needle turn applique--Please note how skinny those legs are:

today I appliqued their "high heels" on them----

What do you think?????  Here's an even closer picture of the legs and shoes?????

I may be "blind" by now--the legs are only about an 1/8 inch wide--yet I was able to needle turn them--the only one I am not totally pleased with it the leg on the far right--I do believe that that leg has a "cellulite" problem??????????

Here is a couple of gift items I finished on Sunday for a give away one of these days??

I really love my bird pin/needle holder--especially when I am appliqueing!!!

Also today I got another wall hanging--the Sunbonnet Sue christmass one with the batting and backing and got it all basted and even started hand quilting it tonight---

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS ON MY WINTER WHITE QUILT--I did a rush job on it and as it had been a while since I had hand quilted--my stitches are not small--but it is for me and I do stitch larger than most--cause when someone looks at my quilts I want them to "see" that they have been hand done and not have to try to figure out if it was done by hand or machine--at least that is my story and I will stick by it!!!!!!!!!

Best to you all in your projects this week---Hugs, Di

Saturday, September 26, 2009


There's lot's to show and tell tonight--let's see where do I start===What Mrs. Perkins==Oh--she says you always start with this:
SOUNDS and taste good to me!!!!

OK Mrs. Perkins--

It's (past) time to pick our Fall winner--after going over the entries, we decided no body really had done anything really special--so we put all the names on paper --

And we shuffled them up--

and Mrs. Perkins had the fun job of reaching into the pile and picking up a slip--

And she did a very good job of picking out a winner for us--and that is======

ARIANE of Ariane's Crafts---CONGRATULATIONS--ARIANE!!!!  and I know Ariane--you would like to know what it is you won----WELL--Mrs. Perkins and I are still "arguing" over that ?????  But we will see who gets her way soon--so stayed tuned!!!

NOW I GOT TWO PACKAGES IN THE MAIL TODAY--the first one I ordered:

I found some little bird fabrics on esty--and she sent me two little metal bird with it--wasn't that sweet???


Joy of  Joy's quilts and Alice of Alice in Quilterland but of AU--send me this great magaizine from AU--OH what lovely patterns---THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH GIRLS--I TRULY CAN'T DECIDE WHICH ONE TO START FIRST--even little sister found a couple things she liked!!!!!!  these gals were in my Christmas challenge are are good friends themselves and wanted to send me a "thank you"  which was not necessary--but welcomed.

AND I HAVE  A TOTAL FINISH--that is a start and a finish for the month of September--it is our Schnibbles pattern and her is mine in all it's glory--

OPPS--this is the back---

And this is the front--using the Winter Song fabric line and it is all hand quilted---I can't believe I got it all done by the end of the month--have 4 days to rest before the next pattern is announced!!!!!

Weather update---it is now Fall--it is cold and chilly and wet here----oh well--great quilting weather you 'all!!!!!!!

Take care---Hugs, to all--Di

Friday, September 25, 2009


Well==it is cooler here today and tonight is downright chilly and I hear some geese out there!!!!!!  So maybe fall is going to appear after all-----

I had one of those days--NO sewing has gottin done--and it is driving me crazy--but what is one going to do???????  Once in awhile we have to let some "life" come into our sewing worlds and we have to stop and take care of things!!!!

I did get another book finished the other day and it was very good--

And I got three more of my angel swap gifts all made--but can't show them yet----BUT I can tell you about a new stuffing that my quilt shop got in and I really really like it--

This stuffing packs harder than the light poly-fil does--so it is great for pin cushions and I believe it will be better for doll body and animal critters bodies!!!!

******Talking about dolls and animals I am thinking of starting a "Tilda" club--she has some great angels, snowmen, gingerbread,pigs, cats,,horses,mice--etc in her books and I want to make them all--- so I was thinking maybe we could name a "critter" for each month for us to make and then show all the different ones--and i am sure Mrs. Perkins will make me do some prizes along the way!!!!!  I got all my Tilda books on and they were really reasonable --I even got one of the Christmas ones for 75 cents plus postage--can't beat that, gals---so please let me know if you are interested in doing something on this project---thanks---

Oh My today was FRIDAY-- that means the week end is here once again--have fun and stay safe---hugs, Di

PSS today was a special day of blogging for me--can anyone guess what it was????

Thursday, September 24, 2009

TO: Weatherwoman---



Now I did not mean that it needs to get really cold yet--but---80 some degrees here in New York state this time of year is crazy---CRAZY--you hear me--Mrs. Perkins and I are trying to do some Fall fun things---but we can not 'get' in the mood with SUMMER still in the air??????????

SO HERE'S hoping we are in a better Fall mood tomorrow???????

I will be back----hugs, Di (and Mrs.P)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well--is it the First Day of Fall--OR



Now I have to tell you alittle about my day--to celebrate the first day of Fall, I decided I wanted to go out for lunch and enjoy my first bowl of homemade soup for the season, so a girl-friend and I went out--I had a very delicious bowl of bean soup you know with those big fat oyster crackers-even--after lunch I visited with another girlfriend and said something about celebrating the first day of Fall and she looked at me and said---NO--it;s the last day of Summer-------she almost had me there for a minute--but she did give me something to think about--did we celebrate the first day of Fall(Spring) today or the last day of Summer(winter)----good question, Di???????

I did get some quilting done today--got some more blocks hand quilted on the Winter White quilt--had forgotten how much I like to hand quilt!!!!--got some of my Fall decorations out too--the new ones anyway--

Here is the new lamp I got and the cutest small items--up by the lamp is a pig and there is a crow on his back and he is holding an ear of corn over the pig for him to follow--he wouldn't stay up there so ended up putting him down on the stool and put the bucket with the crow up there for now--here is where I put the Fall cow----

He has a pumpkin on his back and a crow on his head!!!!



I have had fun coming up with "idea" to help her out--at least I "thought" I was helping???/

So do you want to know what I want from you-all?????  Di told you how she celebrated today being the first day of a new season--so I "want" YOU-ALL to tell me WHAT you did to celebrate today????????????????????/////    Now that sounds simple enough--and I do believe I have finally convinced Di to give out a prize or two for you commenting on this "celebrating"  also I would like to know if this a yearly tradition or something you just happened to do this year?????  OK FRIENDS GO FOR IT!!!!!!

See ya tomorrow--hugs, Mrs. Perkins ( and Di)

Monday, September 21, 2009


Well, someone had to do it---Di only knows how to quilt and make a mess---but once in awhile SHE must stop and do the maids job--so today was laundry, cleaning bathroom, running the vac--etc.    But have no FEAR she also found some stitching time=====

Here's a SNEAK peak at winter White--I now have two blocks out of the 9 all hand quilted--did one block this afternoon---

And this is a finish today--this is how I used pattern #1 of the Angel swap--for some reason I have only thought of it on a dish towel--then the tea pot came to me--and I believe my Secret Angel enjoys tea!!!

And last night I actually---now don;t faint on me--actually finished reading a book!!!

It was very thick--but very good reading--only the ending made me cry----!!!!

Now Blogging friends--there is a Christmas Siggie Block swap going on--there is the block--

It looks like a tree ornament and she is only taking 20 swappers, so that is not too many ornaments to make and she even shows you how to do it--this is how it will look--

Isn't this the cutest thing--and such a memory maker so hit my side picture of the ornament and go over and have a looky-see-sign-up moment!!!!

Well--don't forget Mrs. Perkins "hint" for tomorrow--it could mean a "prize" for you on Wednesday???????

Have fun tomorrow---hugs, just, Di and Mrs.P

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