Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am:
back in the saddle once again---I can"t tell you how good it feels to be back on my bom's--I used today to "prep" several blocks--couple applique ones and then alot of embroidery ones--these need to be traced yet with the light box--but all the colors are done--etc.  so that is a project for tomorrow then on to some of my swap gifts, or maybe I will start the Schnibbles pattern--or maybe a Fall project???????

YES--TWO of TILDA"S craft books--I have two more on order through of her books I got for 26 cents--no kidding--the other three where all under $9.00 each--she has a couple more--but they were more $$$$$$"s--so maybe in the future sometime--in the mean time I just love these book and I see several things I want to make--even though I said I was "dolled" out--there is angels, cats, bears, dogs--just wantin to be made up and loved!!!!

I also got this Christmas craft book for 46 cents--(plus shipping)==
I can't say I found alot in this one that was "me"--but after looking and drooling over the Tilda books++++++

And I got another package in the mail and gals I ordered my FIRST jelly roll--
doesn;t this look Yummy and no calories just lovely colors to enjoy and think about!!!
I also got 2 charm packs in the Santorini line by Lila Tuella for Moda--and in the background is a yard of the Kashmir IV for the charm packs I have in that line--have another piece of Kashmir IV coming on another order.

Notice NO Christmas fabric!!!!  BUT I did get the finishing applique done on one more of the Christmas blocks I had started==
So I only have one Christmas embroidery not finished that has been started and more blocks for the quilt top that goes with the trees--and here you thought I was totally done with Christmas!!!!!!!!!

Well--fellow bloggers--time to get off this post and on to reading all of your posts!!

Take care--keep stitching---Hugs, just, Di


  1. I just love the christmas block! I can't wait to see how that all comes together!! Thanks for the support Di, it means alot to me.


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