Wednesday, September 16, 2009


WELL----- I have gotten alot done on the Winter white Schnibbles pattern--and the flying geese did not--let me say again-------did not drive me crazy--actually they were pretty well behaved today and everyone came out to a nice neat point---I will probably never have another set come out so good!!!!!!!!!!

OH first let me tell you that "B" was the correct answer--I chose winter song as the fabric for this pattern--it was not an easy decision--because all three where really good choices --for this pattern--but it being called a Winter White---I could think only of bright red cardinals flying around--and the Winter song fabric line is full of bright red cardinals--so it won!!!  (the winner will be announced tomorrow)!!!
It was Plan A today to do this quilt top--and I did work on it for most of the day--but one has to do the other things in life too--like dishes and eating--!!!!!!!
Now here is the fabric all cut to size and all the flying geese are made and ready to "fly" into place in the quilt top--- Talking of flying geese--I did use the method that Miss Rosie used for her geese--you just have to be real careful in marking your fabric and I learned that I had to mark the lines on each side of the center line for a guide for me to stitch to and that way they all came out neat and tidy--then one must use a tool to square up the geese--I used these:
the flying geese rulers by Eleanor Burns--and you need to trim them to size and here is "why"????
This is a nice big pile of the tiny bits you cut off when you square up--amazing isn't it?????????
I have the first row of block all sewed and just need to sew them together--but I needed 2 more blocks of black for the geese--and now I am not really happy with that choice--so I just may redo those 2 squares--and that means a little ripping out--as I used 2 of the geese with the "odd" color in them?????? It's always something----What can I say--somebody loves me ----even if it is Mr Rip-It-----
I did get another bom finished--one of Gail Pan designs for her Christmas Wish--and the other one is started--she is done with that bom for this year--will really miss them!
Hope everyone has signed up to follow the Gum Tree Gang as I call them--see button at top of my page----

Oh and if you haven't played with "Kitty" he is alot of fun--just use your mouse around him--pet his paws with your arrow and he will bat at it--rub his tummy and he will purr for you--and he even will even talk to you?????

Have a great day---Hugs, Di


  1. Hi Di-
    I can't wait for the day when I can say that my flying geese "behaved." I will have to get one of those nice squaring up rulers. And your Gail Pan looks great--I am only up to "Delight". Life does have a tendency to slow things down sometimes. A-

  2. Looking good,Di! The only flying geese around here were clearly heading south... what a good idea:)

  3. Love those fabrics for your new quilt. I have one of those rulers but have not used it yet. Your magic block is great. Still working on mine.

  4. I think I need some flying geese rulers. I went out and bought a new seam riper because it seems every project likes to be ripped at least once!


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