Sunday, September 6, 2009

Leave sister at home!!!!

Please remind me to leave my sister, Barb at home the next time I go to the quilt shop to find borders for a quilt!!!!!!!!   I believe it sometimes takes longer to find the right border fabrics that sew the whole quit together?????  I am referring to the paper piecing one--here is the fabric that came home with me today--
not all of these is for this quilt--2 maybe three are and I already had one we picked out, at home --and no I am only adding one strip at the bottom--then a small border around the whole quilt and then one larger border around the entire quilt--so you ask, but Di,  there is one more fabric mentioned where is that going????? and this little fellow will give you a little hint--
But you must wait until tomorrow to see what changes????
On our way over to the shop we seen this beautiful tree and I took some pictures for you, to see too!!!
        Can you tell
what kind of tree this is???  does this help???
Any idea now???
aren't these pretty --and that
tree is just loaded with all these blooms and next door to this one was another one and it was a smaller tree--but it was also really loaded with the large flower heads--bet the bees are having a field day!!!!

Well that's it for today--oh I did get most of my angel hug items done--so that felt good--just need to do some finishing on them with the sewing machine--be sure to tune in tomorrow for Part 3 of the Paper Piecing Mess?????


  1. I can get into that much trouble on my own, LOL!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. But, what joy to have a sister! I only have brothers, and while I love them dearly, I've always wanted a sister.


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