Friday, September 25, 2009


Well==it is cooler here today and tonight is downright chilly and I hear some geese out there!!!!!!  So maybe fall is going to appear after all-----

I had one of those days--NO sewing has gottin done--and it is driving me crazy--but what is one going to do???????  Once in awhile we have to let some "life" come into our sewing worlds and we have to stop and take care of things!!!!

I did get another book finished the other day and it was very good--

And I got three more of my angel swap gifts all made--but can't show them yet----BUT I can tell you about a new stuffing that my quilt shop got in and I really really like it--

This stuffing packs harder than the light poly-fil does--so it is great for pin cushions and I believe it will be better for doll body and animal critters bodies!!!!

******Talking about dolls and animals I am thinking of starting a "Tilda" club--she has some great angels, snowmen, gingerbread,pigs, cats,,horses,mice--etc in her books and I want to make them all--- so I was thinking maybe we could name a "critter" for each month for us to make and then show all the different ones--and i am sure Mrs. Perkins will make me do some prizes along the way!!!!!  I got all my Tilda books on and they were really reasonable --I even got one of the Christmas ones for 75 cents plus postage--can't beat that, gals---so please let me know if you are interested in doing something on this project---thanks---

Oh My today was FRIDAY-- that means the week end is here once again--have fun and stay safe---hugs, Di

PSS today was a special day of blogging for me--can anyone guess what it was????


  1. Yes, we do have to let other things into our sewing lives, but my problem is lately that too many things are taking me away from it. I seem to be in a slump and getting out of it is hard to do!
    I really hope that all changes soon as this time of year is more conducive to sewing. When summer hits and because they are not that long, I tend to stay outside more and leave my sewing to the fall and winter months.
    Blessings to you this weekend and I hope you can get in your sewing area to sew!

  2. Was this a special day of blogging because it was an anniversary of sorts?
    I have the Sew Pretty Homestyle book. Such cute things in it. I have made the little button bag.


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