Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paper Piecing Part 3 and Part 4!!!!

Oh Dear Me--I do believe I have been on a Christmas Marthon for the last couple of weeks--didn't even realize it till I came up for air today!!!!!

Yesterday--my big plan was to redo  the block I needed to do for the presents paper piecing quilt top I was doing--here is the new look==
Remember I told you my sister and Rip-it-the-frog decided one block needed to be redone--the red bow in the other just wouldn;t let us find borders to go with all three reds I had used--so this block I had to redo with all new fabrics using a different red!!
And of course--could the block be an outside one --NONONO--was in the very middle--but I am a good sister and i redid it--I does look much better--here's a pile of the leftover fabric scraps from just this one block?????
OPPS the pictures are back wards--any way the top one is all the paper from the backs of all the blocks--and here is a picture of the floor==

now tell me paper piecing is fun==
Now I am working on the top of the quilt measuring for the borders when in comes little sister--we discuss the mess and I say that I had gotten one more paper piece pattern and I really would of liked to gotten done while I had the mess going--hey I figure if you are going to make a mess--why not a BIG one--then clean it all up????
 she really liked the pattern and the next thing I knew she was picking out the fabrics--SO--I sat down at the sewing machine at 1:30 and I paper pieced til after 7pm with only one break--(ice cream was shouting my name from the kitchen--so) and I did get the top finished to this--

     let me tell you--there was not as much waste on this one--the pattern gave some fabric cut charts--and of course it was smaller--I mean alot SMALLER--some of the tiny corner pieces only took 3-4 stitches on the machine--no joking--the upsetting part is that all my seams on the back of the paper pattern were even and right on the lines--but yet some of the fabric pieces on the front are crooked--can anyone tell me WHY?????

Today I had to clean up the apartment--could not stand all the threads and tiny piecies of paper everywhere--cleaned the bathroom and so on--then my friend Ann came and we visited a while and went to the store--after lunch is was done to the laundry room--had been trying all weekend to get in there,but for some reason--everyone else wanted it too!!!!

Once that was done and taken care of--I finished the borders on the two quilts and here they are in all there GLORY--

    Once I removed all the paper and did another iron some of the fabric took on better shape--the street lamp still looks a little "wonky"  must be from the wonky houses village!!!!


  And  this one is ready to be quilted one of these days and my cat needs his face put on him -- and the outter border was one with a one direction in it--I was sooo careful in sewing it in==but me got one upside down and had to take it out and redo it!!!!

Later I cleaned out my fabric closet some and regrouped some of the new fabrics I have gotten in--then worked on organizing all my boms and seeing which ones I might need to check on to see if I have all the newest blocks--boy being two months behind is not going to be fun--and then there is the swaps I am not in and I want to do FALL--SOOO I WON'T BE BORED ANY TIME SOON!!!!!   

TAKE CARE  HAVE SOME FUN TODAY--HUGS,JUST,DI                                             


  1. I love the work you have jst completed well done

  2. Oh I love the carolers and doggy!!! Well done!! You are on a roll!!

    You need to come over to my blog and guess again with Perth the Purple Pig giveaway, because you were way too low!!!! I've put another post up to get some more guesses in.. so we shall see!



  3. HI Di-
    I really, really love the paper piecing. When you have time could you please drop me a note and tell me the name of it. Not that I need any more to do but I love to do paper piecing and yours looks great! Thanks, A-

  4. I love both quilts. They looks great. I really love the little one, it's really great and I love the colors. Paper piecing is not my favorite either. I haven't done much of it though. I don't really have plans to use that technique soon.

  5. You have been busy - I now see what you mean - it's all good fun though!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. The quilts are lovely, Di. I love pictures of carol singers, maybe because that is one tradition they don't have here.


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