Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I felt like a "jack in box" today--it was a day where I had sewing plans of projects that I really wanted to get done--well--what can I say--it didn't happen as I had planned--first I am trying to applique the mustaches unto the Santa faces on this next set of placemats--phone rings 2x--so there is 2x I have to "jump" up=
=then the cable guy comes to fix my phone problem--"jump"up!! Then I need to do my dishes and make the bed and go down to my friend, Mary's and make her her tea-Jump--back again--get to sew some--only now the tummy starts shouting--fed me=fed me--Jump--after lunch I have to call the new roadrunner service as I did not get my user ID or password from them when they hooked my up a couple weeks ago and that is why some of my emails are not going out--I jump--but then sit for a whole hour and listen to him tell me what to do on the computer to get it all to work--hopefully it is now!!!! then my sister comes by and I jump=
=then a business lady came by for an appointment to give me some information--jump--then I finally crash for an hour--jump--then I think I can finally work in the sewing room--but I "jump" up and put my sneakers on and go outside as it is a beautiful sunny warm day here and I need to get out and get some pictures and enjoy that sunshine--jump!!!
I get back and then that tummy of mine says once again--fed me--jump--but finally I tell you I do get to my sewing room and I now have the next set of placemats all ready for the borders--so--maybe tomorrow??????????? I can finish them and go on to a paper piecing project????

I did manage to get this tree skirt to the hand quilting "stage"--and if it doesn't get done -- it is at least good enough that I can use it this year--this was a panel--

and I when I was over to the quilt shop the other day I went in the "buy one-get one yard free" area and I got this piece for the backing--
It is not real Christmasy but it has red blue and green in it?????

Now for a little of my 2 cents on a new batting that they have come up with--
this is made partly from corn ==so they say it is ECO friendly--well that it might be--but I WOULD NOT PUT THIS IN A QUILT--BECAUSE THIS IS HOW IT FEELS==

I did use it in the place mats--but it feels stiff and very scratchy and I do believe it would feel that way on a bed --I like soft batting--to cuddle with--has anyone else tried this kind yet???/

On my walk today I looked down and seen this treasure growing in a stone yard--
It looked so lonely there--yet it still was doing it job--blooming for all the world to see!!!

Have a great day on Thursday--hugs, just, Di


  1. That seems to be how my summer is going! I totally understand!
    I hope tomorrow is more to your liking :D

  2. Hi! I only got one email from you today. No funny emails. You had a busy day. I worked today. Just got back not long ago. I didn't get any sewing done today. I might sneak half an hour to stitch the binding on my Mini quilt. But I'm tired this evening. So I'll see how it goes.

  3. Wow! You have been a busy bee! I wish I could get half as much done! I cannot figure out how to email you to answer your ?'s. Could you email me at

  4. Hi Di,
    I have those days too, they wear me out. With all your jumping though, it sounds like you got alot done.
    Always amazes me how a tiny little flower can bloom in odd spots. Very pretty photo.


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