Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well--is it the First Day of Fall--OR



Now I have to tell you alittle about my day--to celebrate the first day of Fall, I decided I wanted to go out for lunch and enjoy my first bowl of homemade soup for the season, so a girl-friend and I went out--I had a very delicious bowl of bean soup you know with those big fat oyster crackers-even--after lunch I visited with another girlfriend and said something about celebrating the first day of Fall and she looked at me and said---NO--it;s the last day of Summer-------she almost had me there for a minute--but she did give me something to think about--did we celebrate the first day of Fall(Spring) today or the last day of Summer(winter)----good question, Di???????

I did get some quilting done today--got some more blocks hand quilted on the Winter White quilt--had forgotten how much I like to hand quilt!!!!--got some of my Fall decorations out too--the new ones anyway--

Here is the new lamp I got and the cutest small items--up by the lamp is a pig and there is a crow on his back and he is holding an ear of corn over the pig for him to follow--he wouldn't stay up there so ended up putting him down on the stool and put the bucket with the crow up there for now--here is where I put the Fall cow----

He has a pumpkin on his back and a crow on his head!!!!



I have had fun coming up with "idea" to help her out--at least I "thought" I was helping???/

So do you want to know what I want from you-all?????  Di told you how she celebrated today being the first day of a new season--so I "want" YOU-ALL to tell me WHAT you did to celebrate today????????????????????/////    Now that sounds simple enough--and I do believe I have finally convinced Di to give out a prize or two for you commenting on this "celebrating"  also I would like to know if this a yearly tradition or something you just happened to do this year?????  OK FRIENDS GO FOR IT!!!!!!

See ya tomorrow--hugs, Mrs. Perkins ( and Di)


  1. Oh dear--I celebrated the first day of by cleaning. How fun!! I also found a lot of new patterns I want to make and then I read a bunch of the new Dan Brown book. I love all your cows and Mrs. Perkins is very cute. A-

  2. I celebrated by reading another Charleine Harris book curled up on the sofa with two dogs and rain splashing the windows and wind howling round the house - or was that a were-something??

  3. I like to celebrate the first day and not the last day. I don't really celebrate the day but I always seem to acknowledge that fall is here just because I love fall and I look forward to cooler days. Like you I love soup and I make a lot during the fall and winter.
    Your fall decorations are great.

  4. I prefer to think of it as the first day of Fall instead of the last day of summer. It's more of a celebration that way.

    We don't normally do anything special on the day the seasons change. So far today all we did was go and argue with the Verizon people. I plan on finishing some almost done quilts this afternoon.

    I am looking forward to the cooler weather though. Soups, chili, the smell of pies baking in the oven....

  5. I like Fall better than Summer so I celebrate the first day of Fall....I celebrated by doing laundry :( but I did get a new hair "do" too :)
    Homemade Bean Soup with oyster crackers sounds wonderfully yummy! I love Fall!!!

  6. I love your fall decorations Di!! They are so cute. I didn't get much chance to celebrate the first day of fall and it's my favorite time of the year. I had to bring my son to the hospital in the morning, then work evening shift. By the end of my shift I was super congested and have now be down with a bad cold the last two days.

    But I did get some amazing mail from you today. This totally perked me up. Thanks so much for the lovely gifts. It was so very thoughtful of you. And I got it just when I really needed something to perk me up. Thanks again.

    Hugs Ariane :o)


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