Monday, September 28, 2009

Which do you do first???

I was wondering as I was getting ready to do tonight's post---do you read the other blog site updates first---or do you do your post then read them?????

Ok on to some sewing goodies--here is some fall things I am working on at the moment:

This is a scarecrow that I am needle turning, but using the blanket stitch in black thread for all of it--it has been tricky cause as usual the pattern is backwards for those who do the sticky paper stuff!!!! 

And here is the "biggy" one of have been working on--look closely, now:

First Can you guess what "these" strange shapes are????  Let me tell you that once again this pattern was for the fusible stuff--but I am again doing in needle turn applique--Please note how skinny those legs are:

today I appliqued their "high heels" on them----

What do you think?????  Here's an even closer picture of the legs and shoes?????

I may be "blind" by now--the legs are only about an 1/8 inch wide--yet I was able to needle turn them--the only one I am not totally pleased with it the leg on the far right--I do believe that that leg has a "cellulite" problem??????????

Here is a couple of gift items I finished on Sunday for a give away one of these days??

I really love my bird pin/needle holder--especially when I am appliqueing!!!

Also today I got another wall hanging--the Sunbonnet Sue christmass one with the batting and backing and got it all basted and even started hand quilting it tonight---

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS ON MY WINTER WHITE QUILT--I did a rush job on it and as it had been a while since I had hand quilted--my stitches are not small--but it is for me and I do stitch larger than most--cause when someone looks at my quilts I want them to "see" that they have been hand done and not have to try to figure out if it was done by hand or machine--at least that is my story and I will stick by it!!!!!!!!!

Best to you all in your projects this week---Hugs, Di


  1. Hey Di,

    Those little black birds are going to be so cute! ha ha ha!

  2. My first guess is that they are stylish crows with heals on. So cute!!! I can't believe you needle turned those legs. That's amazing. I'm not that good at needle turn applique. I love the scarecrow applique that you are doing. It's lovely.

  3. I am going to have to agree with crows--having a cup of coffee and gossiping maybe. Your work is amazing. I am afraid to try needleturning. One day...! Can't wait to see the next pictures. A-

  4. Your story sounds good, Di - so stick with it! I do think you are a tad crazy with your minute applique, though!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. Your applique is amazing - I've been wondering about needleturning the small and skinny bits! Now I know I must give it a go.

  6. They have to be black birds of some sort... like the ones on my back porch that share the cats' food. You are freaking me out with your applique, Di! I can't even needle turn a 10 inch square!!! I think I need to visit you one day :)

  7. They do look like blackbirds to me. I'm loving the scarecrow so far. Scarecrows are among my favorite fall items.

    I try to sit down once a week (usually on Sundays) and do my posts for the next week; Unfortunately I haven't been able to do that lately. That's why I have so many blank days and then 2-3 posts on another day lol.

  8. Well I already know what those strange little creatures with shoes are since I read todays post.
    Silly birds.
    I love it when I see a rainbow which is not very often.


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