Tuesday, October 6, 2009


HOWDY----WELL--lots to show you tonight---first my Hugs swap gift came today--mine came all the way from Brazil---

Isn't this the cutest gift????
I have to tell you some people tell me I stitch small stitches--BUT MARGOT HAS GOT ME BEAT--these are very tiny stitches and so very neat---

I have the mug wrap on my favorite mug--these will be out all the time and I know I am getting hugged by my Angel Margot----THANK YOU MARGOT--

Today was Tuesday and my friend Ann came and we both worked on our own quilt projects--she is hand quilting a large quilt and i worked on a couple smaller ones--then I fixed us lunch and she went back home to work in her garden and me in my sewing room to work on some prep work---

Can you guess which project this one is for--can't wait to start stitching on it---but then I had to do this to a quilt---

YEP!!!!! I got one ALL finished today and here it is in all it's glory!!!!

Mr Scarecrow is now complete----he was alot of fun to stitch and make--remember I did add the two crows and I sewed a butterfly to his hat--I felt he needed some orange up high!!!!!!   The border fabric is one of those "stories"--where you buy a piece of fabric and then latter you ask yourself--"why did I get this -- it will not go with anything"  and then out of the blue it is the perfect one for a project----I love it when that happens--and I only had this fabric for a short while!!!!!

He is a  Happy scarecrow!!!!

I worked on one other project today and it is about half done--hope I can finish it tomorrow--it is a "cutey" and is not one mentioned above--which is also cute!!!!

Take care--keep looking "up"--at least every once in awhile to rest those eyes!!!!!!!!
Hugs to all--Di


  1. Scarecrow is adorable! And so are your gifts! -Tammy

  2. Mr. Scarecrow is gorgeous, especially with your little extra touches. And my first thought was-oh look at the yummy border fabric. It is nice when it works out that way. I started the basket bom as well, but I have not gotten very far on it. It is tempting to start over with the current one;it is so cute. Have fun! A-

  3. Sweet gifts are always fun to receive! The scarecrow is just too cute!!

  4. Love the scarecrow Di!
    Fantastic gifts with beautiful stitching!
    Looking up is always a good thing :)

  5. The scarecrow guy sure looks like fall!
    Your swap gift from Brazil is so, so pretty. Your partner certainly does lovely stitching.

  6. Very nice swap gifts you got. And you have been very busy.


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