Wednesday, October 7, 2009


HELLO ---My name is Sadie September and I have a story to tell you:

My mom (DI) adopted me a few years ago at a craft show--the lady she bought me from had hand made me--now mom had alot of bears but none where hand made--so she was sold on me from the first--as the sale was in the month of September she used that for my middle name--how clever of her--really!!!!!  So I have lived with mom for a long time now, just as I came that day--with just a bow around my neck----well, winter is coming and it gets chilly sometimes and I decided I wanted a dress--so mom being a very good mom set about searching for me a new dress--and now look at me????

Isn't this the cutest--sexist--dress you ever did see???????  and I especially love "lady bugs"--oh and mom made this dress--she appliqued the lady bug on it--and the pretty lace on it even comes with a story--mom got a bag of odd and ends of lace at the Church sale last week end--she almost didn't get it because of the very lace she put on it--it is quite yellow-orange and is not usually her color--but look how cute it worked on my new outfit--
Here is the pattern:

It is from and is called Grandma Lola's Fat quarter Dress and was designed by Cori Blunt.  And it really does only take one fat quarter to make it--

It even has a little pocket and mom put some lace around it too---Do you like my new outfit--now I think she should make me a Christmas Dress---don't you?????
Thanks Cori for doing the pattern!!!

Now for another finish -- are you ready????

OPPS----- this is the back--but how funny is this pumpkin fabric????

This months Tisket Tasket block is all done and made into my door hanging for the front door for October---

This was a really fun and bright one to make---

Now I want to tell all of you quilters out there, I found a new great terrific way to start and finish the binding on the quilts--I used this method on the scarecrow quilt I showed you yesterday and then again to day on the Tisket Tasket one and there is no better way to do it --believe me I have tryed every thing and always came out with a big bunch of fabric at the end/beginning every time---so all of you go to: and look at the tutorial for Sept. 29 that Judith Tetley did and she will show you the very best way to do one--Thanks Judith.

So how was this for a day's worth of stitching????  And I also just joined a Christmas ornament swap--see block at top of the page for the link--you only have to make ONE ornament--can't beat that????  so go have a look---

Have a great day and have alittle fun while you are at it---Hugs, Di


  1. September is sooo cute! Very pretty dress - she has a great mum! Your "basket" is really smashing!

  2. You have been very busy as usual. Everything is so cute. I think I am going to have to make that basket. And your bear is very well spoken--you have taught her well. L, A-

  3. You have been busy making some very cute things.

  4. I love the little dress. I've been admiring that pattern. It's so cute. I love your little Tisket-a-tasket October wall quilt. It's so cute!!!


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