Friday, October 16, 2009


It did get cold enough to snow up in the hills--in fact some places got 3-4 inches of the wet white stuff----but as I said we did not get any down here in the valley--this town sites on a flat piece of land with high hills on both sides of it--so the weather can be totally different here as "up on the hills" just 3 miles from here or less, sometimes-----

This is what I saw this morning when I looked out the window and it stayed on her roof all morning--so it must of been "cold" out today?????

I have another total finish---

they are singing "A WAY IN THE MANAGER" one of my favorites--wonder what "note" the little dog is singing in---anyone know????

And for this month's Schnibbles here is where we are on that project--

OH MY what a time we had deciding on the two border fabrics--of course the one I really wanted to use was not from the Harvest Moon collection--but did go --somewhat--but we (little sister and Me) decided it just wasn't a go--so on we went-- and we did get dizzy in trying first this combo and then that combo--and finally we decided on one last night--but this morning I discovered that the outter fabric was not wide enough---what can a person say at that point---espcially one who does not "swear"----OUCH----so ended up with one of the dark plum/purples--it seems to be good--I even got it all basted today and one block all hand quilted--so now maybe I can get back to some of the BOM's I am behind in??????  Or do some of the new embrodiery designs for the Gum Tree Gang?????

It's WEEK END time again--have fun--rest some--spend some time with family and pets and friends---BUT DON'T FORGET TO GET SOME STITCHING TIME IN---Christmas is marching right along and will be crowding in on us in about 70 days!!!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. I love that you used the plum/purple for the outer border. It really brings the colors of the quilt together. I love it. I really love the little Christmas wall hanging. It's so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. such a lovely quilt. I think the dog will have to be singing the note, D

  3. Your manger and schnibble look great! We are waiting for our first cool front to come through this weekend. It's been in the 90's all month still. It's supposed to drop down to the 50's. I'm sure everyone will be getting their regular change of the weather colds :(

  4. Hi Di-
    Looking good. I really really like the colors in your Schnibble. You are so quick!!!! You keep me motivated. Hoping I can put my finsihed carolers up soon. Go peak at my turkey when you get a second. Hope you are having a great weekend. A-

  5. You are amazing Di with all that you get accomplished. Both quilts are gorgeous!
    No snow for me here in my little hollow in the woods, tomorrow may be another story though..yikes!
    Stay warm and cozy!

  6. You have done so well this month with so many projects, Di! The Schnibbles looks great :) Well done!

  7. Hey Di,

    I love the little blue quilt with the doggie. You sure do get a lot of things made!

    I'm not sure what colors I'll use for that oak leaf quilt. I love bright colors...and batiks too. I'll pick out my fabrics after the holidays, but for now, I've got lots of holiday projects going.


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