Monday, October 26, 2009

Here I am!!!

I am still here----
First of course is the answer to our little joke!!!

Why did the ghost starch her sheet?????
She wanted everyone to be scared stiff!!!!!  (Chuckle!!!!!)

Now ---Let's see -- what has Di been up to the last couple days---On Saturday, I did get the rest of the borders on the fall quilt (pictures tomorrow) and got more hand quilting done on the Cindy Lou quilt---Also little sister and I watched a movie--the Traveling Pants part 2--and I am happy to report that there was NO fires in town this time!!!!
Then I sat and read half a book--Beneath These Stones, by Ann Granger--that took me til 1:30 am this morning!!!!

Now today the sun shinned most of the day after a couple days of heavy rain--I spent some time downstairs with my friend Mary--then came home and had lunch--went to work on the Cindy Lou--but for some reason -- I had to lay it down and I walked into my sewing room

and I knew that I was to make one more gift for my Angel partner and I started to look around --but right there was the AU magazine--Handmade--that two of my Aussie friends had sent me and i knew immediately which project I was to do--so that is what I worked on all day--it is not finished--but it is coming along nicely!!!

As I was doing some hand work on this "secret" project--I looked out my window and I had to get up and get the camera and take these couple pictures from my window up here on the second floor---

How do you like that "blue sky" in the second picture????

Joke time--
How can you tell that Doctor Victor Frankenstein had a good sense of Humor?????

Only 5 more days to the big CANDY day?????? Are you ready??????

Hugs, Di


  1. Hi. Got it this time; because he was all stitched up!?
    Love the new background...and I enjoy Ann Granger books, too.

  2. Glad to hear your movie watching didn't cause any more fires lol.

    I'm still amazed that each month you will be hand quilting your Schnibble quilts. Plus, you get so much other projects done too!

    I love looking at everyone's fall foliage pictures. I've always enjoyed watching the leaves change colors.


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