Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here is some evidence----

I managed to take some close up pictures of my hand quilting for you as evidence that I really did hand quilt the quilt------

this is one of the snowball blocks--all the beige ones got one big star in the center--

The main design that went from one corner to the other corner I just quilted a straight line from corner to corner--

For the 4 real light snow ball blocks I did a echo stitch for 3 rows in the shape of the snow ball and then a smaller star in the center--with 3 rows around that--

The outer border I did big stars and in the corners I did a smaller star--and I just outlined the half blocks going around the quilt--

And here is the back of the quilt!!!!

Now on to some "fun" stuff----

Knock knock!  Who's there???
Boo Who???
Ah, don't cry, Halloween is just around the corner!!!!

When do ghosts usually appear????
Just before someone screams!!!!!!

How do you mend a broken Jack-o-lantern?????
with a pumpkin patch!!!!!!

And here is tonight's treats---enjoy----
Hugs, Di


alice said...

Now that I see your stitches up close--I repeat--how do you work so quickly and neatly? You have accomplished a lot this month. After I deal with housekeeping next week I am going to finish my carolers and my turkey and try to keep up with the BOMs I am to date on then try to do some of the free Christmas goodies from Gum Tree and, and, and... Have fun! L, A-

Lurline said...

Good Girl - beautiful!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Nicola said...

Great quilting, beautifully done and thanks for the halloween jokes my daughter loved them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mom,

I love your blog and all your quilts! Keep the jokes coming and Happy Halloween!


bluebird-lyn said...

Hello Di, love the colours in your Schnibbles Quilt...Di thank you for visiting and your kind thoughts for me.....Warm Regards Lyn

Carrie P. said...

Very nice quilting. I need more practice.

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