Friday, October 23, 2009

Leaf Day!!!

Let's see first we have to solve our little joke:

Why did the witches' team lose the baseball game???????
Their bats flew away!!!!!

OH WELL--I thought it was a cute joke????/

I was busy working away in my sewing room today and little sister came along and insisted we go for a walk--so I grabbed the camera and off we went--here is some things of "beauty" I seen on our way over to main street---

single fallen leaves--with rain drops on them--

a group of them on the sidewalk--

and in stead of the sound of music in the hills--we have the sound of "color"--

and on the way home I almost missed this beautiful one--

SO you see I do once in awhile do something besides sew!!!!!

But then here is a quilt project in progress--

this is what I was working on before we left and I worked on it some more when I got back--I am just doing my own thing here--I had collected some neat fall/halloweenish fabrics and really wanted to do something with them--I am not done yet---soooo!!!!

I also seen this in a store window display--yep--one of the stores has Christmas window displays already--sooo sad!!!!!   I did think this stocking was different--kinda cute really!!!!   sorry the picture is not real clear--took it though the window!!!

Time for another "ghost" joke:
Why did the ghost starch her sheet????

Have a happy and safe fun filled week end--don't for get to visit a Pumpkin Farm this week end!!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Becasue he wanted to "make an appearance".

  2. Lovely fall colors where you live.
    And I like the quilt where you are doing your own thing. Very nice.

  3. I love taking walks and seeing the leaves change colors. I think that is the thing I miss the most down here in 2 season Florida.

    Love how the quilt is looking!

  4. Hi Di, sorry to be so very tardy in getting here. I'm just how not quite sure how I messed up this time, but I am so very sorry. Your blog is so pleasant, like a cup of tea with an old friend. Love the leaf pictures. Rain and wind have destroyed all of ours, way too early. Just brown and bronze left...looks like November. Congratulations on your two finsishs, I've got you on the list and I hope you push on and get all 6 done before next year. Big hugs, Finn


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