Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Do you ever remember saying this to your mom????  Actually--I don't believe I ever did say it myself!!!!!  But as I worked on this project those "words" kept going through my mind!!!!-----

And what I meant was this---

These new placemats for my dinningroom table are all MACHINE MADE--there's not one "hand stitch" in them!!!!   I realize that is unusual for me--but once in a while you got to let modern "things" do the work for you??????!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I put them on the dinning room table and had to laugh---

Here is 3 Halloween placemats and then in the center is a Christmas quilt!!!!!!  I got this one ready with the back and batting to baste and then to quilt--only then I got into making the placemats--so they are both on the table right now!!!!!

Here's another "cute" headache and a question for Di to decide what to do about???

This is a  gift for my Angel partner--I got it all done yesterday and it is my own pattern and I just did it as I went along--was soooo "proud" of fact that it came out and that it was done--as I was showing it off to little sister--what do I find--but one of the straps got pinned and sewed on wrong--see it in the upper right hand corner???/  so do I "pretend" I don't see it---or will I be a good girl and fix it?????

Guess who won??  the good girl---now it looks much better and it really was a fairly easy job to fix!!!!!  Thank you Di for being a good girl!!!!

And here is a finish--this is already to go to the library tomorrow as a donation for a raffle--

 Is hard to see here--but I did alot of hand quilting on the background scene with outlining the houses and the trees--then I added star buttons to the tree--will try to do a better picture tomorrow!!!

There is a picture of a tree that is directly across the street from me--it is getting sooo pretty.

Well have a great day tomorrow--be good to yourself and take a break with a cup of tea and a magazine for half hour and relax!!!!

OH and don't forget the "sweets"!!!


  1. Wow!! 3 placemats, a bag, and a Christmas wall hanging quilt. That's a lot of completed projects. You are on a roll. Your Stitcher's Angel bag is so nice. I love, love that little wall hanging. Such a nice things for you to donate it. I did a placemat all by machine this week too. I can't show it yet, because my swap partner will see...but I don't feel guilty. I do love to hand stitch. But I only have so much time. Thanks for sharing your wonderful projects.

  2. Hee hee heee! Even funnier--I unearthed a cute little paper pieced turkey wall hanging that I thought maybe I could whip up in a day or two without any trouble. I am weighing the situation now. I really am going to work on some BOMs today--really! I would have unpicked the handle too! It would have bothered me forever. I love your Halloween kitties on the placemats and your carolers. I have to decide on a color for that inner skinny border--such a little thing should not be causing so much trouble. All the more reason to walk away and do something else for a little while. Wish I could be the lucky winner of the raffle. How cute is she? It will bring in lots of donations I am sure. I really must get one of your visitor counters. So cool to see who peeks at your blog. Now I really must go do something. Here's to finishes (or starts), A-

  3. Hi, the placemat fabric is sooo cute! I knew you would fix that handle! You are getting so much done - I think I must be a real slow worker....

  4. Well done Di!! All machine made placemats!!!! You and Alice are on a roll with the carolers :) Love your pattern for the bag. I'm sure your angel will be pleased :) Keep smiling and sewing!

  5. You've been very busy! I love all of it! The Tree with the girl is so adorable.


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