Monday, October 5, 2009

New Look--for a new month!!!

OH Dear--now Di thinks she has to change her background every month--well--it will keep you all on your toes!!!!

Got an order in the mail today--I was so surprised--I ordered it late late on Oct 1st and it got here today--so here is alittle peak :

Hopefully the other fabric company will sent there's out -- then Cindy Lou and I will get busy and do some sewing----(this order is from Fat Quarter Shop-thanks!!)

I decided to color in some of the first Friday stitchery that we did for Sept-here is before--

And here is after--

Where is hangs I can see it real well from my rocking chair--but the first way it was hard to make it out--now colored in it is much better!!!

Here is the book I just finished reading yesterday--

It was good and it was somewhat humorous--but I got mad at the end--because I discovered it has a sequel--I HATE it when there is a continuing story to a book and they do not let you know in the beginning--so now I do not have the next one--so will have to go on to another one while I try to hunt it down!!!!

I do not think this item got in the pictures for the treasures on Saturday--

I knew if I waited long enough someone would make one of those "felted" purses and I would get me one and not have to do the work of making one--and this one was practically "free"--it is small and I actually picture it with flowers or something in it--instead of as a purse--time will tell!!!!

Well--for those of us who are doing A Tisket A Tasket--I am really "crazy" in love with this months block and I believe tomorrow's "to do" list will have to wait as I have to do this right NOW!!!!!!

Happy Stitching you all----Hugs, Di


  1. I love your new look! It's fun changing around the layouts every now and then. Sometimes I think that is the main reason I keep a blog...just to change the layouts! LOL
    I love the stitchery and isn't it fun getting new things in the mail?
    You have a wonderful day tomorrow!
    Blessings to you.

  2. I love how you colored in your stitchery. It looks wonderful and brings it to life. I can't believe how fast you got your pattern. I hope I get mine soon. I got an email today that they sent here's hoping I will get this one on time.

  3. The new background is very cute. Change is good right?? And I love the fabrics you bought; can't wait to see them in action. Was the coloring in hard to do? I have thought about it but I am chicken I will mess up. It definitely makes a big difference. I think I wil have to get brave. A-

  4. Like the new background! What sort of colours did you use? Looks really nice! Enjoy this months basket!

  5. I love this month's block too (Bunny Hill)
    Love how you colored your stitchery, excellent idea! Nice "stuff" in the mail Di :-)

  6. Hi Diane, they are beautiful works painted and embroidered.
    Thanks for the warning, I downloaded and the basket (Bunny Hill).
    I loved the Hug Mug♥.
    What should be getting sent there.
    Do not forget to shoot because I want to post on my blog.

  7. Your new background is very cute :) And I also love the coloring in of the stitchery - what did you use? I must try that one day...

  8. Love how you coloured in the stichery, just the right touch.


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