Wednesday, October 21, 2009


First let's check in on your little "witch-friend"----

What happens to a fast witch on a slow broom?????
SHE FLIES OFF THE HANDLE-----(are you laughing?????)

I felt like I was on the FARM all day today!!!!!
I worked on 3 blocks of the "Stringybark Farm" bom by Missymack:

First there is "Scarcecrow Bill" block----he took a little work as I had to go out in the field and gather up some Hay for his stuffing---

But then we got to work and he came out like a real neat scarecrow and he is over seeing the Veggie Patch--

Then along came:

HENRY--the horse---he wants one of those apples--he;s lookin to see just who is lookin!!!!

And now little chick says---here are the ---

The Three Pigs---it's not a farm with out pigs roaming about!!!!!

And all Di can say is---YES---one more set of BOM blocks all stitched up--and as Missymack doesn't give us a pattern til mid month--this set is all set for a month!!!!!

Next joke--What do you call a roomful of ghosts??????

See ya tomorrow--Oh here's a treat for everyone--enjoy---



  1. Those blocks look great! I love how they are colored in with the pencils. It gives them just the "right" touch.

  2. I like the blocks very much! And aren't you the cut up today! Cute little jokes.

  3. Sounds like a crowd to me. Your Farm blocks are so cute. Mine of course are sitting in a pile needing to be traced. You are so fast. I will post some more flowers for you soon. L,A-

  4. still giggling ... and waiting for the answwer to the next one!

  5. I have not yet sewn these 3 blocks.......I am very late !


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