Friday, October 2, 2009


They say "Shop til you drop"  well that used to be when you went out of your "Home" to shop--Soooooo I guess if you are shopping on-line it would have to be til your wrist or arm gave out--RIGHT?????  OR YOUR EYE SIGHT or your poor brain just could not take it any longer!!!!!     It's all the girls fault at the Schnibbles of year --they announced Octobers pattern and my local shop did not have it:

OK--so if not in the local shop--you go to the internet--I found the pattern
fairly easily-----BUT that was the easy part--the next big and very important question WAS---what fabric did I want to use to make it--now you know I have been collecting charm packs to do these patterns in--in fact to date I have "11" sets of them--BUT would any of these work--no-no-no- none seemed right--so back to the Internet  and all those fabric sites--it took me HOURS and hours to decide what would work that "I" liked--but finally bleary eyed I made my decision and ordered--I now have 7 1/2 yards of fabric coming in for one little Schnibbles pattern--and NO charm packs--am I crazy or what?????  It took two fabric company;s to get all the prints and colors I wanted --- good news is at least one of those had the pattern!!!!

I was in my rocker and it was late and I was sooo glad to be off this thing--when I remembered there was a "CERTAIN" piece of fabric that I had found on one of the other sites and I HAD--AND I MEAN I HAD to have it--so back on I came and did a third order--this one just for the fun of it---what did I have to have you ask---well--I am going to be a meany and not tell you--but it does have to do with a project I am working on?????

This morning I had to do this:

I used to come home and fill up two of our metal carts here to get all the groceries up stairs to my apartment--today I only used one cart and it was not overly loaded and I spent the same amount---OUCH!!!!   But I did find these--FINALLY at the grocery store:

I love these--they are organic too--but the store had been out of them for over 6 months or more--so I got two boxes and if I had had the money I would of bought all they had on the shelf?????

After lunch I did get the borders on my scarecrow and then I did this to it--

It is all basted ready to hand quilt  ( what can't see the outter border--opps--guess you will have to wait to see it later!!!)--SO now do I lay a side the christmas I am hand quilting and do the fall one or??????

I am so amazed--blogging friends--we sometimes think NO BODY is reading our sites -- because we only get a couple comments--so I added the neo counter (it;s on the bottom of my site) and WOW--I have had 135 visitors in two days and they are from 19 countries so far--so now I can say I am known the world over!!!!!!!

Hugs to all and here is a little extra sweetness for you'all-


  1. Internet shopping should have a health warning on it, it can be very dangerous as I have learnt in the past.

  2. Well Di, while we may not always have time to leave a comment you can see that we are definitely reading and enjoying your posts!

  3. Thank you for the extra sweetness! In fact, I've been munching on candy corn tonight... bad bad! I too have shopped fabric online, and it does take hours. So fun though! Until you realize just how much time has passed and the behind goes numb, or at least mine does :) What a great pattern. Can't wait to see it all made up! -Tammy

  4. I have that pattern, love it. Can't wait to see the fabrics you picked.
    I love shopping on-line, saves the feet, but you are right, it can take hours. I also like receiving pcks in the mail.

  5. I went and ordered my pattern right away too. I picked mine up at Quilt Taffy on Ebay. I couldn't decide on what fabric to use and Hubby was hovering, so I didn't buy anything special for the Schnibble. I did pick up a little sumthin' just cuz it looked cute though. My plan is to use as much stash as possible for the Schnibbles. We'll see how long that lasts lol.

    Love the thread holder.

  6. OH--I miss candy corn here! It is my favorite and the pumpkins. Sorry I got distracted. Can't wait to see all of your new fabrics. It is so dangerous looking for something online. Fun though. L, A-


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