Monday, October 12, 2009


I ordered a fabric on line that had some blocks on it that were cute and fall looking and when it came in--it was the same "4" blocks in the yard piece I got, I had also ordered a matching piece of fabric in a border print for it---So I decided it was time to make it--so off I started----

I get this far and then I had a question for you all--how to make sure you line up the two sets of blocks in the upper panel  to  the two sets in the bottom panel--this has been a "burr" for me everytime and I have tried a couple different methods, but they always come out off centered----AS I WAS THINKING ABOUT ASKING YOU THIS QUESTION--GUESS WHAT--THIS HAPPENED--

And so I went with the idea---and that was to fold the fabric along the edge of the top block and to press the fold with an iron--

Be sure to square up the bottom edge as you do this do the same to all 4 block edges that need to match--

see there was a nice "line" there for me to match up and pin---and this is how it came out--

These two blocks match nicely--OH BOY--now lets view the next side--

OH YES--they also come out matching--hey do you suppose I "invented" something new here??????----I most image this is how everybody else does it -- I am just slow on catching on!!!!!   Please let me know how you match your up--thanks--

After this victory it was on to how to finish up the blocks--I was playing with the border stripe fabric--when "who" knocks on the door---Little sister--just in time to bail me out--of course--at first I thought she was a little "crazy" with her idea--but give me a minute or two to think about and it and look at it---well--just maybe it will be a plan!!!

I had to get this ruler off the wall peg--it's a "flip n set" ruler--then I had to measure and then I made this--

a paper pattern for making corner pieces for the center blocks--

and there is corner #1 all cut out--fussy cut too!!!!  As I went to cut #2 corner piece I realized that I could not cut all 4 corners the same fussy cut--because the dogs and animals would be "up side down"--so I had to go back to the drawing board and found I needed to cut 2 the same--and 2 others the same in a different direction--and as I was cutting the fabric off at a border line to go down some rows to do the next 2 I realized that I could easily get the other 2 out of the spaces between the first 2 I had matched up and cut---hey i am on a roll here---

Now one would think that you would put the first two on opposite corners--but that is now how it would work--the first cut went on the top piece then the 2nd cut that matched the first one went on the left side, the second set of corner pieces went on the bottom and the right sides--and GUESS WHAT--NONE OF MY ANIMALS WERE UPSIDE  DOWN--oh was on a roll here---

and here she is --unfortunately there she sits--other projects have to be finished before i can finish this one--am trying to decide if I need one more border or two borders!!!
This will be a table topper for me after Halloween---So---
that is all for this one--did you learn anything--or was this just "routine" stuff for you all???????????
Hugs, Di


  1. Wow! This is so cute. I love the fabrics. I've never used one of those rulers before. Such a neat tool. I gotta get me one of those. I really like your trick for lining the blocks up. That's a great idea. I always struggle with this. That's why I don't do a lot of sashing around my blocks. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are great! Going to keep this in mind for when I need it. Cute fabric.

  3. Thanks Di-
    I usually end up pulling and tugging or adjusting the size of one piece of sashing or just living with it. That should help a lot. It is going to be really cute. A-

  4. Looks adorable! I haven't had to have that particular aha! moment yet but have had others. I always wonder if I am the last to figure these things out lol

  5. You may as well leave the Christmas quilt with the Halloween placemats as it will be here before you know it.


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