Saturday, October 3, 2009


WELL---I did try to be a "good" girl--but little sister made me do it!!!!!!

Our two local churches both had rummage sales today--one of them started yesterday, but I did not go--I said that I did not need anything and I really don't need anything--- BUT did that stop little sister from stopping by this morning and insisting that I go with her---NO---and it was a beautiful day here--full sunshine after a week of cloudy skies--so how can one resist that????????

The first Church one I really did not get much there:

 Mostly some old kids story books, some doll clothes, etc--spent $2.00--and little sister needed to borrow some money--OK--now the "light bulb" is coming on--she needed some money to go herself--so we invite big sister to go so she can_______!!!

The second Church sale has a huge basement and it is wall to wall filled with all kinds of treasures--and it is bag sale day--fill a big brown paper sack for $3.00--now I ask you -- who can resist that????????????

 there is alot on this table for the $3.00--let me tell you--yet, I felt I made some good choices---------what's that you say little sister--can you borrow how much?????????

Here's some more general pictures of some of my loot from the two sales--

 A pretty plate--cute country doll-crocheted angel--

Some clothes and a cute wood necklace someone made--do you see what is on the one t-shirt???

an old apron, towel with appliqued designs, a cute pair of baby pants for a doll or bear--

Several old cook books--even more than what is pictured here--

Had to get this one--because--

It was written in the year my mother was born--

lots of kids old story books--I enjoy collecting these older ones--they are so much "simpler" and the art work/photography is so neat in them---

A round tray with a family of bears reading a book on it--there's a stained glass angel sitting  and playing the piano--and a tea candle lite, that I plan to put one of the new lights that have batteries in them in it----

So what do you think of my "HAUL" today--and I did get outside and enjoy some "fresh" air--and I did get alot of hand quilting done on the scarecrow hanging today--so that's my day--what did you do with yours????

Have a great Sunday--hugs, Di


  1. WOW...what a haul Di; I love the cooking books, I must look harder for those when I hit the Op Shops with my friends in November. You are a fun lady Di and its great to be in touch with you.
    Kind Regards

  2. Goodness me - talk about a kid at Christmas - you sure came up with some great finds!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. WOW Di! Awesome finds, good for you! Sisters! what can ya' do? ;-)
    Glad you got out and enjoyed the day!!


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