Monday, October 19, 2009

While at the movies--

My little sister came over last night to watch a DVD on my computer--we had picked up a couple at the library the other day--as she came in our village fire alarm went off--we still have the old fashioned system of the big tower and alarm sounds--and then it went off a second and third time and we heard alot of sirens over town and they stopped quick==so we figured something might be up--but as it was just about dark--we went on with watching our movie--we watched  "sisterhood of the traveling pants" all during the movie I had traffic going up and down my street outside--which is usually very quiet--later after the movie a girl-friend called to tell me that we had had a major fire overtown (4 blocks) away and that 2 of the local business's were lost--but lucky nobody was really hurt.  One of the business's was our second hand/antique store and the other one was our used book/video shop.  Here is a couple pictures:

The building was built in 1925 and is a landmark--luckily the guy who actually owns the building has two big business's in town and loves our village and he has stated today that he will rebuild so that the two business renters can have their business's again--and we all hope that the front of the store can be saved as it is so unique!!!

When it was first built is was a ballroom--I love the little round windows on the third floor!!!

Soooo it's been one of those "extra" chocolate kinda days!!!  But that's ok as I love CHOCLOATE!!!!

In the sewing news dept.  I have made a list of all my BOM"S I have started--and boy is that one big OUCH---on top of it little sister came by tonight and we were going over one of the Christmas patterns and in the course I kept finding more that I had set aside to do---I will not have time to get bored between now and Christmas--in fact I will not have time to eat or sleep--but don't worry I will still blog!!!!

I did get the last block done for the V.Views quilt:

And the second block prepped for the Vicksburg bom--

And I have alot of the other blocks in the prepped stage----

ON our walk overtown to see the damage--we did do a little shopping in our favorite country shop and this is what begged me to bring him home--

He has one of those little candle battery lights in him--isn't he cute--we each got one--they were the last two already!!!!

Then we checked out the gardens and picked some of the last blooms--here is mine--

I just love flowers and old canning jars and old rolling pins and old-------

Have some fun tomorrow and go out and pick some flowers and bring them in and enjoy them!!!

Hugs, Di

( answer comes in tomorrows post--but try to guess in the mean time???)


  1. How about ghoul-ade? That is sad about the shops, but good that if it must happen it was at night when no one was there. They both sound like fun places to shop. Well done on verandah views, I still have 3 more to go on that one. Ugh! So I should get back to the sewing room. Talk to you later!!! A-

  2. Sad for your shops. Yes that building just looks so so arty deco!!!
    WOW you get more done that a lot of others we could name..but won't!
    Love that wee snow fella and the flowers are lovely in your jar.
    We had FROST last night! OUCH.
    There goes the last of the pepper plants and eggplants!
    Keep sewing on!

  3. It's nice to hear that the building's owner will rebuild for the shop keepers. Fires are scary. The ballroom building is gorgeous! I love the fronts of old buildings.

    The snowman is adorable! I know I would have to buy one if I saw him too :)

    A long to do list is scary but can be a great help. You will feel so great as you check each item off your list.

    Hubby says lil' ghosts drink ghoul-aid but I think they drink BOO-aid lol.

  4. Sad loss in the shops....but had to comment as soon as I saw the picture of the ADORABLE little snowman!


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