Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Can't see 'em's!!!!!

Needle and threads---they are often a real "pain" to try to get the thread into that "tiny" hole at the top of the needle--it's almost like looking for a needle in a haystack to at times get the needle threaded--RIGHT???????

Well--I just discovered that the reason "WHY" might be the "can't see 'em's"--I know you are all out there really shaking your heads at me know--but wait--keep reading--- I showed you a tray of threads that I liked to use to quilt with at times--pretty variegated threads---

These threads are by Sulky and are just so pretty and they really go with a lot of my projects--in fact on the "crows" wall hanging I have used three different colored spools.
But then this is the problem--Sulky is thicker and it has several "tiny" threads spun together to make the thread--and I often have trouble threading it into the needle--that was until I realized it was because of the "can't see em's"!!!!
My mom used to say this term all the time when she was with us, especially in the summer time--she would "slap" her neck and say "another  can't see em just bit me!!!"  of course she was referring to a tiny tiny black bug!!!!!!

NOW I am not talking "bugs" here--instead I am talking about very tiny tiny pieces of thread that is still stuck with in the eye of the needle and it is not letting your new piece of thread through that eye!!!!  You can not really even see this tiny bit--but it's there--so I found a little trick--if you have a pin cushion that has sand/crushed glass/ or emery in it--then run the eye part of your needle into the pin cushion a couple times and it cleans it out and then you can thread the needle--( this will not work if you only have poly fill pin cushions--in fact--I believe you would make it worse--you would have lots of little hairy fibers on the eye!!!!!)
Anyway this is my "theory" and I am sticking to it!!!!

I for got to show you what I did in the four corners of the "Picnic" quilt---the author used a tiny four patch --but I fussy cut these:--

I found two in this color and --

two in this color that would work--I like them!!!

WELL--everyone is counting down to Christmas---BUT WHAT ABOUT THANKSGIVING-- my friends that is only---"8" days away!!!! do we have the turkey and ham yet???? and don;t forget the apples and pumpkins for pie!!!!  Oh and the stuffing--don't forget that--that's the best part of the bird!!!!



  1. I have that same problem. I always figured I just needed to get my glasses checked. In honor of Thanksgiving, I made pie. I have a picture of it on my blog. Low fat!!! L, A-

  2. Hi Di! Like the "corners" - pretty! We don't have thanksgiving .... so I have to wait a bit before I can stuff myself with turkey.


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