Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Have to say today did not go according to Plan--yet I have to be honest and say I am not really sure what today's plan was??????   I got up late--and so did not have much time before my friend Ann came--then she was looking for a certain Christmas snowman panel, so got on "my friend" the Internet and we did find it and ordered it for her (and NO I did not order anything for myself--I was good--now do I get a lollipop?????)  We decided to go out to lunch and that was nice---then waited over half an hour downstairs for the mail man--but got nothing---came home and the maintenance man came and put in two new heat controls  for me--did get some house work done--finally late this afternoon I was able to get some "real work" done!!!!!!!!

By supper time I did get one baby hat all finished and here is my friend "modeling" it for us--

Yep, it's my bear--

now is he a great model or what?????

As most of you know by now I am in LOVE with the Cosmos thread--so much so that after all the bom's this year that I started with the DMC threads are finished I will no longer use DMC and have in fact given my sister most of my sash of DMC---

Now if some of you have taken the time to look into the cosmos threads--the first thing that set you back from ordering it and that shocked you was the PRICE per skein--and I have to say it did me too at first--but I kept reading on alot of the designer blogs how much they liked it--so --- I bit the bullet so to say and ordered some--it was then only 99 cents a skein--now it is $1.05-$1.09 per skein---BUT STITCHER'S it is more than worth that extra cost----it really is!!!!
I find I have less waste that with the other brands---it's really like working with "silk" thread--it is strong--you can separate it 2 threads at once--instead on one at a time!!
it is shinny--yet doesn't glow!!!! IT does not tangle--but if it does happen--it pulls right out with a gentle tug on the thread-- it threads on the needles easier and just glides through your project like-- like "melted butter"----what else is there to say except I LOVE IT---!!!!

MY biggest problem was how to store it???? As I keep even the small pieces that are leftover,  if they are 4" or more--there is often enough there for eyes, or whatever----I had to think about it long and hard---but this is my new system:

These are my supplies---small zip lock bags, perma pen, metal clip, and a metal ring--

I write the number down at the top of the little bag and place the color of floss inside--

Then by number--smaller number on top to larger number I stack the little bags, then I hold them all together as one bag and put the metal clip on the top of them holding the group all together--

Then all the clips go on  a large metal ring for a color group--like all shades of pinks are on this ring--each group on their own metal clip--  this way I can see the shade of colors and I can fan them out  to decide which one I want--with the little bags, I can put any small pieces back in the bag for the next project--and that saves me time and money!!!!

See here is another picture of how they look on the ring--

Then they go in one of my favorite baskets--and they look so pretty in here!!!!!

So this is my "story" on Cosoms threads and I am sticking to my story that once you try it you will LOVE it tooooooo!!!!!!

What sound does a space turkey make???
Hubble, Hubble, Hubble

Well--you have heard enough out of me for today---
take care and happy stitching---Hugs, Di


  1. Hi Di! LOVE your thoughts on Cosmo. I feel the same way! Just the best thread ever. My stitches lay so nice on the fabric. I love it!

  2. That is great that the threads are so silky. Ok ok I'll try it! :-) I like your storage system. I would want to save the little pieces too.

  3. I really like the Cosmos thread too. Did you mention where you bought yours or did I just miss it?

  4. Okay Di I need the info on where to buy these.
    My niece may need some in her stocking this year!!
    She is an awesome cross stitcher...does it on fine linen..makes my eyes hurt to see it! Ha!ha!

  5. Sounds like the threads would be worth the extra cost. I used to be all about saving the money but lately I have realized that quality is a big factor. With the cheaper threads there is more frustration and less quality. In the long run, I can save money by spending more money to start with.

  6. www.dakotacabinquilts.com has the entire line of Cosmo thread, and ships worldwide.


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