Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I had three goals for today and I am very happy to say that I got all three done--YES!!! 
(and if it hadn't been for some unexpected paperwork--that took 2 hours--I could of gotten more done--oh well!!!!

FIRST PROJECT WAS THIS ONE--I worked on it some before I went to Mary's to get here tea and help her solve the murder mystery on the TV show--Matlock--then came home and finished it--

This is the pattern--that you all know that I have been working on for awhile now--remember they used fusible web==and I did mine in needle turn applique--

Plus I used buttons for the flower centers and for their eyes--here's a closer look at the quilting on it--

Well I thought you could see it better????

THE  second one was to get the Last fall quilt top basted so I can get it quilted in the next couple days--and I did get that done but forgot to take another picture--

Found a picture for you--I just love this one--I will work on it tomorrow!!!!!

A couple days ago I found out that these had been rejected--

Yep--my baby hats--these are not what they wanted--they want only pink and blue ones made with regular baby yarn--so I went to walmart yesterday and got some pretty, soft, pink baby yarn and made this one--

(oh dear another one of my bears seems to have wanted her picture taken!!!!

this is using the same pattern as the first two--but I do have to say--this is a BABY hat, now!!!!!
(have no fear--the first two will not go to waste--they will be given to a Santa program we have here in the county for the less fortunate and I work them every year)

And also this morning I went though my stash looking for possible fabrics for backing and borders for the Nov. Picnic quilt and here is what I found--

all of these look good colorwise--now to decide and as the white batting came in today with this little piece of fabric--

I am right on target--but first I really want to get the other fall quilt done--lets see I have 11days to get them both quilted and my ornament exchange made and in the mail--can I do it?????????????????????/
( it's this a delicious piece of fabric????  and I am thinking what I can do with it!!!!!)

In the week before Thanksgiving Mary-Jo asked her class of 9 year-olds to write a paragraph entitled--"What I am most thankful for on Thanksgiving Day".
All Joey could write was:  "I am thankful that I am not a turkey at Thanksgiving!!!!"

Hugs, Di


  1. I love your babie hat pattern, would you have a paatern that I could follow. They do seem like a good evening project. Please contact me thru my blog if there is a pattern available.

  2. Yep, you really haven't had time for writing. Everything looks great. I love the crows' eyes. I think that someone will be very happy with your "rejected" hats. They are very cute. Teddy is very cute too. Now I have to stop chatting and get busy. I will finish my carolers today!!!!!! I really will!!!! L, A-

  3. I've got to tell you something very funny. I had a dream about you that you were sitting in a chair with a plastic bag of little pieces of fabric and batting that had bloody dots on them from your fingers. You had stitched so much that your finger tips were raw and bleeding and you had saved the dots. Weird but funny....and I don't see how it couldn't be true with all the sewing you do!!!


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