Friday, November 27, 2009

The Last of Fall for 2009!!!

I really am ready for some other colors than yellow, orange, burnt red, and brown!!!
but first here is a couple more of my fall quilts--

Two cloth dolls--the Indian doll I made years and years ago--the county doll I made about 11 years ago--

this is one that I had gotten the pattern for 3 or 4 years before I finally did get around and make it--I believe that was 2 years ago and I did two of them and gave one to my friend, Anne!!

This is an original quilt--that I did 2 years ago--

And this one is also my design--we had learned how to make the leaf block in a quilt club class and they had put 4 together to make one large block--but when I got mine done I decided I wanted them to look like they were leaves fallen from a tree--and when you have trees around here you have squirrels--so I have squirrels, too!!!

OH my look at that--smoke--no now wait -- what is that noise???

Could it be---

OH for get the 911 call--it's just the "guys" playing 'wreck the house"--Can you believe the "dust" cloud coming from this place--it really looked like smoke--and it was really thick--and little "ole" me live directly across the street--again!!!!!

Here's another view--

What a dusty job--

this house is now flat and alot of it has been hauled away--we have one more to go the one next door to---it is a larger one--so----?????
It really is interesting to watch how they do it--I was sad though--cause I could see all kinds of boxes and maybe some goodies that were in the attic that nobody went through first--who knows what kind of treasures where "lost' today!!!!

I did get some decorating done today and another load of laundry done--!!!!

Are we all stuffed yet?????? 
Hugs, Di


  1. That is sad about those houses. It breaks my heart to go to estate sales and see the children sell everything that the parents worked so hard for all of their lives. I tell my hubby all the time that shows you what stuff means. We had a great Thanksgiving. Hope you had a Happy day yesterday.

  2. Happy thanksgiving! I'm sending you a message using my sons iPod touch. I love your fall projects that you have made over the years. I especially love your falling leaves quilt and your scrappy fall quilt. Your cross stitched wall hangings are also beautiful. I finished another shabby roses block. Only two more to go.

  3. I absolutely love your leaves and the squirrels. Such talent you have. Maybe you should go on a rescue mission before they wreck the next house. It is sad. Fun to watch though. I went on my final (hubby hopes) fabric buying spree this morning at my favorite quilt shop. I was very naughty. Early Christmas present. Too bad I need to pack it instead of use it. Take care. L, A-

  4. I am also ready for those fall colors to be put away and get on to Christmas. I've started on the Christmas trees, and I've gathered all the fall items to pack away. I hope these next two days will see it all done. It's sad to see a house torn down and think of all the people who have called it home.

  5. We love to watch the construction sites too. It is sad to see the houses being torn down though. I would have loved to look through the attic to find those boxes. I wonder what they will be putting up in their places?


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