Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mom can I play on the computer now????

Mom my work is done for today--so can I go play with my friends on the computer????
 I am proud to say that I actually accomplished my main goal today and then some--like some "cooking"!!!! Made a turkey meat loaf and potatoes and veggies for my lunch--yummy!!! Was great after all those sandwiches that I usually just eat for lunch!!!!

Here is my main goal--

YEP!!!! I got all 70 siggy civil war blocks stitched and squared up today---and I did double the stitching--because I restitched each corner piece and now have this pile--

Of small corners to press and square up and then decide "what" to do with them????

Tomorrow I will get writer's cramp signing them all--and my goal is to get them in the mail by tomorrow afternoon--wish me luck!!!

Another package came today--(you can tell when it's the first of the month here--can't you???????????)

the glare on the pattern is bad--sorry--but November's schnibbles--Picnic came today--am so excited--really love this "new" to me company--In the back ground you can see some "basics" I ordered and look at this pile--

All the pieces are in 1/2 yard cuts and they all cost me $2.00 each half yard--and they are all name designer prints---I feel like I hit the "jack-pot"!!!!!  oh AND  the Schnibbles pattern was only $5.75 where as my shop it was $6.50---so I do believe I did ok?????

When the Pilgrims landed, where did they stand??????
ON their feet!!!!!!! (giggle)

Have some fun today----Hugs, Di


  1. You must be in the signature block exchange that I am in.

  2. I just went to check out the Cotton Charm site and they are on vacation until Tuesday. That is probably a good thing because I love all the fabrics you got and it could be a dangerous place. You have been a very busy girl. The signature blocks look great and it looks like you have a whole other quilt leftover. Can't wait to see the Schnibbles in action. Take Care, A-

  3. Don't you just love those days when the mailbox is brimming with fun packages? *s*

  4. Wow...great deal on those fabrics!
    Love them too.
    You did get a lot done!
    I posted on my blog yesterday all your angel goodies you sent me!!!!
    Folks just love them too!!
    Thanks again!

  5. Oh, how I love your blog now that I have visited. I have made myself a "follower". I see we have ALOT in common - both in "A Year of Schnibbles", both in the "Christmas Ornament Swap" and both enjoy "Gum Tree Designers".

    Too much a coincidence. LOL

    What will you use to sign all your blocks?

    My Newest Schnibbles pattern has not yet arrived. May I ask what company you ordered yours from? I don't want to overstep though.

    Have a good day - eat leftovers....LOL

  6. I'm so jealous!! My Schnibbles and fabrics haven't arrived yet :( Hopefully today :)

    I did the same thing with all my signature corners. Actually, I always do that with hose little corners. I keep tossing them in a bucket on my sewing desk. When I get a bunch I plan on turning them into a quilt or maybe just a wall hanging lol.


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