Friday, November 13, 2009


It was a beautiful day here--a bit chilly but very sunny and that makes all the difference in the world I believe--and yes--I did get outside for awhile---
This morning first thing I did get the shop model finished--and I am so mad at myself, because I forgot to take a picture of it--but have no fear---I bought the pattern and am going to make another one--so hang in there---

After it was finished I went down to Mary's-- then came back at 11:00 and met my little sister and we took the model to the Quilt shop--I had called the day before to see if you had any white cotton batting on hand for the Picnic pattern==as I am using the white cotton background I really felt I needed white batting and she said she had some--so got that --a spool of quilt thread for the crows--then little sister and I went across the street for lunch--we shared a meat ball sub--yummy--was all homemade--then we stopped at our favorite country shop and looked at more of the Christmas things she has gotten in--then we came home--it was on the way home that I remembered--NO picture!!!!  when I got here and went to take out the package of batting I realized that it was not white it was natural color---it does not look right under the quilt---Soooooo---Internet shopping here I come--

After some searching I did find a quilt company that carries a nice line of I had a $5.00 coupon for them--and I was very good and only ordered one package of bat and one pc, of fabric in 1/2 yard length--and the fabric is for my ornament swap partner as it is in her colors--SOOOO!!!! (I am also out of $$$$'s)

When I got home I ran to the sewing room and went back to work on the "Picnic"--and I got the center part all stitched to gether--it all went along swimmingly till the last row --the top row and then I had to call in the --

Oh dear look at this problem--

And this one--

and this one--

All on the same row---ok where is Mr. Ripit--the surgeon !!!!
the whole row was divided once again and re-pined and this is what I got--

Looking much better--what about the other one--

Hey--magic--it is sooo much better--thank you -- Mr Ripit!!!!

Now the center is done--I am exhausted--so I have to take a break--I sit down in my rocker and it occurs to me--that Picnic pattern had me cut 10 - 2" squares and I did not use them--what could I have done wrong--so I run in the sewing room and get the pattern directions and the picture--then I see that there is 2 or 3 different block basket designs--what--when did they put this in here????  any ways--some of them use the 2" inch squares--I had made all the same design block--so mine did not need them--I was worried there for a minute!!!!
This story will be continued tomorrow--so be sure to tune in for more!!!!!

Have a good day--take care--be safe!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Oh, no. What to do? I think the gremlins changed the pattern when you weren't looking.

  2. very interesting, whew, i would need a break too! looking forward to the next installment, glad to see you did not give up.

  3. I had the same thought when I had those little squares left over lol. I also didn't add any tiny squares to the corners of the borders either. I am such a rebel lol!


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