Friday, November 20, 2009


I did it--- another finish everybody--

This is the second one in the series I got from blog land--it goes with the mouse and the plum pudding one I finished last week--or is the mouse eating fruit cake???? Me and my girl friend was confused on that one really--but the mouse is what is soooo cute on it--sooo it doesn't really matter what he is eating!!!!!

  I have started the third one in the series--but just barely!!!

I just can't believe the day is into evening already--where did the other hours go and what did I do with them????>  I did do more quilting on the last fall item--have the center area all done now---and I know I spent some time looking for a pattern that I knew I had and needed--and in the process alot of my internet patterns are all stapled together and organized---but that was not good----CAUSE---i realized just how far behind I am in all my BOM's---OUCH!!!

I decided today when I seen all the patterns that I have set aside to make for Christmas that I will need some help---I will have to find me a couple angels who can work through the night for me---WHAT--the "funny" part is----I have no "idea" why I want to make all these things--I know some will become gifts--BUT--for the most part they are just things I want the THRILL of saying I made them---is this "crazy" or what!!!

Hey does everyone have all the leaves raked up yet??????  They are still working on them here--in fact --I even heard someone mowing their lawn today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This guy wanted me to show you his picture--he said "fall' isn't just all about turkeys and eating you know????   Who Knew!!!!!

Hugs, have a safe and fun week-end--Di


  1. I have the mouse one printed out and saved in a file...think it was a freebie from somebody now can't remember!! Is there a site somewhere for them?

  2. No, you're not crazy. I think we all want to be able to look at something beautiful and say 'I made that'.

  3. I would love to know where to get those patterns too. I am not good at this yet and am just learning but would like save patterns and hopefully can learn good enough to do this. How long did it take you to do this one? I absolutely love it.

  4. Love your redwork, lovely stuff, makes me itch to get some done myself. Great incentive to start something new.

  5. Hi Di-
    They are so cute!!! And if you are crazy for having a pile of Christmas things you want to do, I must crazier since I have a huge pile too and I still need to pack. I really have done some but my blog is not updating on your blog, so go peek--I FINISHED MY CAROLERS!!! Yippee!!! Now if only the technology would cooperate. L, A-

  6. Your redwork projects are coming along nicely!

    No leaves to rake here lol. Maybe your neighbor was using their lawn mower to "rake" the leaves for them. That's what we did when we lived in Connecticut.

  7. Hey Di,

    I finished the plum pudding and mouse earlier this week and am now working on the little girl as well. I think I'm going to make a tiny wall hanging for granddaughter #1 for Christmas.


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