Monday, November 30, 2009


OH MY--where do I start tonight????

It's beginning to look alittle like Christmas at my house---

I have a nice collection of antique aprons and there is 12 of them that are Christmas ones in the half apron style alone--and three of them have so far found a way to be displayed for the holidays--after they "allowed" me to iron them up nice --they wanted their picture taken--SOOO---

This one is really "vintage" looking--

And this one is sooo cute--do you see what is on this one????

And we have to have Santa on the scene somewhere!!!
and this is how they chose to be displayed--

this is on the bottom half of my Hoosier cabinet--maybe I will do pictures of the top half tomorrow!!!
And then this is my "quilt work" for today--

Remember these from my Christmas in August projects--today I got all three basted to hand quilt this week--hopefully--as I am basting them though I am thinking--
Why did I made three of these?????? and now what am I going to do with THREE of them????  But by the time I got them all basted I had decided on one of them for a gift, one may be a give away here--yep here so be sure to read me every day!!!!


And I forgot to tell you I did get my 'I Spy" blocks in the mail just before turkey day--here is a picture of some--

I just love this pile and I do believe I will do another I spy exchange if I run into one--it is sooo much fun looking at 120 blocks that are all different and wondering how they are all gonna look on a quilt??????   Oh and I got the neatest gift from the Hostess of the exchange and I am using it---will do a picture tomorrow!!!

OH dear I do believe there is a "man" down in that big hole of basement--or once was a basement--he played down there all day---he kept pulling up metal pipes etc ---

This is what it looks like across the street now---another house gone--one more to go!!!!
I have needed to add to this story and kept forgetting--sorry--any ways--where I live is a Senior Housing project and they want to build another big apartment project across the street and that is why these houses are being torn down---also these houses are all in really really bad shape and are really unliveable--(except I guess the rats liked living in their basements--but they are long gone now!!!!)  As to when the new one will go up nobody knows--but it is good that these houses are gone for now--does look much better out there now and it is healthier and safer now with them gone--thanks for all the comments and concerns here.

Hugs, Di--Happy December 1st--you'all


  1. Hi Di-
    You are so organized. Love the aprons, they are all cute. Especially the kitties. I don't own an apron--shame on me--when I bake I just throw on my old clothes and get full of flour. I just realized that there is snow falling on your blog--too cute. Your little Christmas quilts are going to be sooooooooo gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished product. It is handy to have more than one of someting. Well--I must try to figure out how many yards of fabric I have (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha)so that I can write it on the inventory list for our shipment. It should be well and truly embarrassing. Talk to you soon! L,A

  2. No, your posts are not too long, Di. I love reading your posts. I don't quite remember how we ran across one another but I am so thankful we did.

    I LOVE aprons. Anyone who knows me knows that. I love making them, I love giving them away and I love wearing them - any and all styles. Infact, I have three half aprons cut out at this very moment to make. Your vintage half aprons are wonderful.

  3. What a clever way to display your aprons.
    They all are very pretty!
    Gorgeous quilting Di! and I'm glad those "yucky" houses are gone and you will have a healthier, more beautiful neighborhood now.

  4. Pretty aprons - and the Christmas quilts are lovely, Di.

  5. I love the little Christmas quilts. I did the I Spy swap also. Loved going through all those fun little squares. The little gift was wonderful too. I haven't used mine yet but I can imagine that you will get lots of use out of yours :)

  6. I just love those aprons. I have a vintage one with Santas on it. I got mine out but I need to iron it before I tie it to the dishwasher to display.
    Thanks for the Christmas music.


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