Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have always thought of myself on the round curvy type--but today-- I feel very square!!!
This is what I worked on for four hours straight--

I sewed and sewed and cut apart and pressed and SQUARED UP and sewed some more--and I only got "5" actual blocks made----
but they are worth all the SQUARING UP as they came out great---I just love this set of charm squares I am using for this pattern -- Picnic--!!!  In the first picture, things are not as bad as they look--there is 5 or 6 more sets of blocks that only need to be sewed into the basket blocks--then the rest is all sewed and just needs to be cut and pressed and SQUARED UP---let me tell you YOU MUST SQUARE UP ALL THE BLOCKS--ONE STEP AT A TIME or you will not get nice squared blocks to work with and you will not be a happy camper--this is not a last minute quilt top to me--so get busy on this months Schnibbles quilters--cause there won't be much time at the end of the month with Thanksgiving then!!!!

Talking about "turkeys" I have misplaced mine--any one seen him lately???????

AS I can't seem to find him I guess we will have to skip the turkey jokes tonight and we will have to have a little contest and a PRIZE---you could handle that couldn't you???
Can you guess WHAT  fabric line I am using for this month's Schnibbles the Picnic????

 And I want to add these pictures for us to remember what today is all about--

My Dad was in the Army in WWII--so to him and all the others who have been in service to our country or are now in the military---Thank you.

God Bless you All--

Hugs, Di


  1. It took me a bit of time to search for that fabric...but I think I got it!! It's Nostalgia by April Cornell for Moda. I think it looks amazing. Your blocks look so nice. The perfect fabric for this pattern. I hope I get my pattern soon.

  2. I recently bought a Nostalgia layer cake - if that's what you've used, then I'm very happy because the fabric looks beautiful in your basket blocks.

  3. I have no clue to the fabric line. That's something I don't normally pay much attention to.

    You are so right about doing each block step by step and squaring up as you go along. I don't normally square too much up as I go but this pattern definitely calls for it.

    Your baskets are coming out beautiful. This month's pattern is time consuming. I wonder if everyone will get it done since it is such a busy month already. I plan on quilting mine next week...hopefully :)

  4. You have been very, very busy. I have to also admit that have no clue as to what fabric collection you are using but I really like it. And your triangles are so nice and perfect. It looks like you are well on your way to finishing it even with all the other projects floating around out there. Have you discovered the freebies from the Cross Country Blog Hop? Lots more good ideas to tempt. Good Luck with the Picnic. L, A-

  5. Your blocks look fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! My first thought was Nostalgia


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