Saturday, November 21, 2009

UPDATE ON "Seeing Red"

I forgot to show and tell you something on the redwork little girl:

I changed the scene in the window--the one I got online has a Santa and reindeers flying in the sky-

-My word for this year has seemed to be "Believe"--it started this summer--I started picking up things with that word on it and am still doing it--so I changed mine--cause I believe in Santa and I believe in the miracle of the birth of Christ! 

NOW I DID BACK TRACK THE THREE PATTERNS TONIGHT--and I want to say I could and should of done last night--only excuse I have is--I was lazy--sorry!!!

The three patterns for this redwork series came from one of the gum tree designers--the first one "Pudding Time" is on the gum tree site and is listed as Week 2---the other two are from Joy's site--Joypatch you need to go to her post for Oct 17--for the little girl and Oct 28 for the Santa---I am going to put all three in a long wall hanging and I have just the spot for it for the holidays--there is alot of stitching in them--BUT --they go rather quickly--so get busy, gals, and stitch away--I can do embroidery even when I am too tired to do much else--SOOOOOO

Stopped at my Local Quilt shop today and picked this up--

I know you Aussie's have seen this one awhile and I believe you have a newer one out too---we get them a month or two behind you--BUT--at least we get them--has anyone made this doll yet????

She is cute--I may just have to "add" her to my already too long list of Christmas things--TO DO---!!!

After the Quilt shop (YES - I was good--no fabric today!!!) we went to our SPCA thrift store--I was also good there!!! but then we had to rush back here as the fire trucks were here to see what was up--one of our residents was thawing out his freezer and he took out one of the vegetable bins from his refrigerator and put water in it and put it on the stove to heat up--the veggie bin was "plastic"--need I say more????--there was only some damage to his stove, the veggie bin  and of course the "smell" was real bad!!!!
We then returned downtown and went to the General store for a cup of soup--I had cream of carrot--it was very good---only I could only eat half of it as it was so "peppery"--but then we went next door to our Country Shop and they were having an "OPEN HOUSE" and they had lots of goodies to eat--don't need to say any more about that do I????  I did do a lay away there--can't wait til the first so I can go get them and play with them!!!!

Here is a picture I took on the way home (the second time!!)--

Is this not a pretty picture????

Why did the Indian chief wear so many feathers????
To keep his wig warm!!!!!

Have a great Sunday---start baking--whether for the turkey dinner or cookies for Christmas--oh and I forgot to tell you--I am the cookie sampler--so don't forget to send some my way!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Love your redwork. I started a redwork project a few years ago, but it's still a UFO. One day I'll post some pictures.

  2. Hi. I've done the mouse and the pudding one. Very cute. Must sew borders though. If I get time I want to do the rest, but projects seem to be piling up !??!

  3. Yep--I have that magezine. It is good to know that they have it there now because I think it is becoming one of my favorites. I don't think I am allowed to ship cookies overseas, but I am getting ready to bake. Must empty the pantry before we go. Next year I will send you some!! I love the purple flower. Do you have any idea of what kind it is? It is gorgeous. Love the redwork--I am hoping to get those done before next Christmas. Maybe a few less magazines would help. Take Care. L, A=

  4. Thanks for that wonderful read Di :) I enjoyed all what you wrote and what dingdong that neighbour is?? Blimey he is lucky he didnt burn down his house! I too am a magazine addict..:) hugs


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