Sunday, December 27, 2009


I can read that everyone had a "wonderful" Christmas---so now it is time to get back to the "wonderful world" of sewing and quilting and knitting and blogging!!!!!

I had a small--quiet -- Christmas day--but what is one suppose to do about it--QUILT--I know what can I say--maybe I was born with a needle in my hand?????

I did get one BIG wonderful surprise on Christmas day----
I went down to Mary's to get her her tea, as usual and this is what she and her two daughter's got me for Christmas---

opps wrong picture--but they also did give me this--it's huge!!!!
this is the gift that made me "cry"--

I have wanted one of these for some time now as my hands--arms don't like to mix dough any more---there is only one thing wrong with this gift---it did not come with one of these--

SOOOO--I will have to attempt to figure out how to use it myself!!!!!  AH---I think that means I will have to use the word 'WORK" now in my vocabulary!!!!!

Little sister gave me this--

so I now only need to get a kitten, dog, goat, and bunny rabbit and my farm will be all set up!!!!

My friend Anne gave me a $25 gift card for the local quilt shop and so I went and got this book--BUT--did not look at it till Christmas day--

YES!!!! another one of Tone's books--here is some pictures--



OH MY this is book 5 of her's that I have collected--and I will be making some of her things in 2010---you just watch me!!!!!!!  ANY ONE WANT TO JOIN ME???????

And I did finish these two quilt items on Christmas day--

December's Tisket/Tasket block for my front door--and--

the three redwork blocks are all done and the binding on it!!!!
Yesterday I got the third Cardinal wall hanging all quilted and started another Christmas embroidery---

And today I got the embroidery all done--

This pattern is Gail Pan's gift to us this year--remember I also did this one--

It was her gift last year--but I just did it last month--I did do a couple things different (you know me--can;t leave a 'good" thing alone)!!!!  I added pinecones to the big tree and I did mine in colors--Gail just did her's in all red work.  I also changed this years, by using colors to match last year's and I did the outside border like she did on last years so they would match as I want to use them together----some how?????/

Tonight I am going to sign off with this picture---

Besides on this plate being obviously toast--
---what does this picture look like???????
(besides my late night snack, too!!!!!)

Hugs, Di


Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

I love your December Tisket basket. It looks marvelous!

I love redwork and yours came out very nice.

I'm not sure about your toast...maybe a rooster? It looks like our bread when the kids carry in the groceries and smoosh the bags lol

luv2quilt2 said...

Your tisket tasket block is so pretty. I've saved all the patterns, but I haven't made one yet. Hopefully I will in 2010!

Carrie P. said...

You have been busy. I love your Tisket, A Tasket block. So cute.
Oh, that mixer is really nice. Have fun baking.
The first thing I thought of when I saw the toast was chickens but then I look at it closer and it is mighty strange looking. So I don't know. lol

Allyson in Alaska said...

I enjoyed looking at your two Gail Pan stitcheries. I downloaded both those patterns but have yet to attempt them. I've never done any stitchery, but I sure do like them. I think I'll take one with me on our vacation next month. Eight hours on a plane ought to do it. I wonder if we're even allowed needles and snips on a plane these days? I never can remember. Most likely not. Glad you enjoyed your holidays. I'm excited to get on with 2010 and do some quilting!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh my -- so much to catch up on! First off I love those "Tuffets" -- aren't they fun? And, I love your embroidery work, and your A Tisket A Tasket block! So many cute things! And, I agree -- that toast does look like a little doll dress! I'm a HUGE Tone Finnanger fan -- I really want to make some of her cuties this year, too! Perhaps we can do some together??

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