Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Dear Santa---
-----OH MY--I can not believe you are actually asking me what I would like for Christmas--I honestly have not be asked that question in years!!!!  I do get some gifts now and then (on the years I have been extra good) but I just get what "other Santa's want to give me!!!

OH WOW--I did do some shopping at your "warehouse" the Fat Quarter Shop--and here is my WISH LIST:

I do have a little problem here --- then what else is new with me!!!!


Le Jardin by Bunny Hill--Anne is even on my blogsite list and we have even emailed each other---so I would love to do this one and I would love to do it in this line---

I did not even realize at first --but this is Anne's new line and wouldn't she LOVE to see her pattern done in her new line--I think she would --Santa!!!!

SO SANTA I HAVE even put out your very "favorite" snack to enjoy while you read and consider my wish list!!!!

Hugs, Di

PS--If you should decide to full fill one or both items on my list--this is how I will feel--

To my blogging friends--Di will be back tomorrow with her "usual" chit chat" for this station--but you can tune her in at her other site--
Di's workbasket for a cute update there!!!!

Take a break and give some one a "hug" today that you might now normally think about doing---leave me a comment that you did--might be a "surprise" in it for you???????


  1. I do like hugs! I hugged my middle son today, Just because, he is 24 years old.

  2. I'm the only one up right now, so there's no one to hug. Hope Santa gets your letter and gets his shopping done for you!

  3. Oh that is a pretty pattern and the fabric would work it up sooo very nice!!
    Good Luck!!!
    Giving ((you)) a HUG!!!

  4. What a great letter -- boy do I hope Santa comes down your chimney -- because I'd love to see that quilt! My daughter was home from college today and I hugged her (several times) --- not sure that counts, but since she gone I don't get to hug her as much as I'd like to! And, I'm sending you a big bloggy bear hug, too -- for this fun blog with all your cheery pictures!


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