Monday, December 28, 2009

Drawing time again!!!!

OH MY--AS I WAS SCROLLING DOWN MY LAST POST--I SEEN MY COUNTER HAS GONE OVER 2000 VISITORS AND I HAVE HAD VISITOR'S FROM 50 COUNTRIES--- so lets party---leave me a comment and I will do a drawing--you will get one of the things in todays post and a surprise or two!!!!!

OK let's look at this picture of my toast again--

for some reason this is what I thought these slices of toast looked like????

a little girls dress!!!!!!!!!    So take another look and see if you see what I see?????

TODAY--was work on this project and then work on that project awhile and then make these----

YEP---I spent the afternoon in the sewing room working on my a "Tuffets" the Schnibbles pattern for December--I have only 3 days left to get some done--this first one came out alittle "weird" for some reason--these "babies" have to be really measured and cut and sewed correctly or they come out somewhat a different size than the pattern ones!!!!

this one was better--but I love them both---

And this one was soooo easy---these three are made from "Objects of Desire" by Sandy Gervais.

And then I got BRAVE and made this one--  I also like this line of fabric--it is Flag Day Farm by Polly Minick and Lauri Simpson  AND would you believe that I thought this one was "easier" to make than the first two????????!!!!!

WELL--here in lower New York state--we are having some VERY BITTER COLD weather--the high for tomorrow is only to be 17 F---the low will be -15 F with the wind chill factor---OUCH---But a good day to be under a quilt -- quilting it!!!!

Take care--keep warm--or cool depending on where ever you are??

Hugs, DI


  1. I am honored to leave the first comment for this giveaway...cute things by the way and thank you! I too love the Flag Day Farm line, I am making a queen size from it. I have blocks done, rows done, and then it was time for holiday sewing so I will be anxious to get back to it and have it on my bed by the time the snow melts, or should I just say before I have to cut the grass.

  2. Wow a surprise giveaway! I too am working on my December Schnibbles. I agree with you, if you don't cut them right, they do funny things and don't turn out the right size. I was a little confused to begin with as I don't see the size to cut the muslin for the square pincushions. Anyway I'm plugging along. Hope to get them done in time (again)!

  3. Happy New Year to you. I have enjoyed reading your blog, all the best for next year too.

  4. Happy New Year to you and I love the things you have made.....very clever! I like the sound of Schnibbles....I enjoy reading your blog and I hope to read it for many more years :) hugs Vicki

  5. Wishing you many, many stitches in the New Year! It always amazes me to see all this clip art...makes me giggle.

  6. Love the Schnibbles. I'm working on so many projects that I realized I couldn't add another monthly project. Oh well, maybe someday... Congratulations on the milepost!!

  7. I am finishing up my December Schnibble today. The tops are done and now I just have to make them into pincushions...or something. My first try at these came out "odd" but as I sewed more, they came out straighter.

    Have a wonderful day - and a New Year filled with Peace, Health and Goodwill.

    Sewing hugs and blessings...always.

  8. I love the fabrics you chose for your Schnibble pin cushions. All those little pieces can get a bit wonky.

    Yes, I can see the girl's dress in your toast lol. I love lil girl dresses with the puffy sleeves.

    Congrats on the visitors :)

  9. Happy New year!!! and congrats on having so many visitors! I can certainly understand why so many are drawn's lovely!

  10. Happy New Year! I love the little tuffets you made!

    And congrats on 2000 visitors!


  11. Lovely tuffets! Great fabrics you used (O:
    Have a beautiful weekend.


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