Wednesday, December 9, 2009


OH MY--somebody was singing this on the stereo today---I know they were talking/meaning in how loving and kind and giving people are at this time of year that we should carry this "attitude" with us and use it year round!!!!

Well -- that is not what I mean by this saying tonight??????
I have decided that I need to WORK on Christmas items for an hour every single day--365 days a year so that I can get all the things done for Christmas that I would like to get done!!!!!!

And remember I even spent the month of August making christmas things--but "me" thinks I was working on the wrong kind of things---
I should of been doing the small ornaments that I want to send in my cards and I should of been working on gifts---no more quilts and wall hangings?????
Anyway this is how I feel tonight and I am sticking to it!!!!!!



I GOT the things that I won recently over on won the 3 1/2yards of snowflake fabrics and the two spools of thread--blue is another one of my very favorite colors--pink is my favorite the rest of the year--anyways--Allyson also sent me the cutest Santa post it note pad and a cute Holiday Wish List pad and a real pretty quilt card---THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH--Allyson---I have entried many drawings since I started blogging--but this is my first real win--so be sure to "pop" over and say Happy Holidays to Allyson for me.

And look what my friend found for me today---My blue glitter and a few more colors--so tomorrow night I will be "sparkling" when I am writing to you all!!!!

And today's work was finding and sewing on borders to two of the Christmas projects and then I managed to get all three basted--now if these guys would show up tomorrow----

And I sure hope they work "cheap" and "fast"----we just might get some work accomplished!!!!!!!!

ALICE OF  let me know which one you want?????
You are now ready to do some Christmas baking--only you have to send me some!!!!

Thank you all for all the great comments on my blog site--I am very happy to hear that I am doing a good job of entertainment--I truly enjoy doing it and look forward to evening when I can "play" around on here---Happy Holidays--


Why was Santa's little helper depressed??
Because he had low "elf" esteem!!!!!




  1. For sure! I love your Christmas blog! It gets me in the mood.

  2. What a great giveaway you won. With all the snowflake fabric, you're ready to do something wintery themed as soon as the holidays are past.

  3. I'm still excited. And you are a lucky girl too. I love the blue snowflakes--how pretty. I think I need to join you working on Christmas all year. Thanks to you I did get three extra things done. You are doing well though, all of your wallhangings are gorgeous. Thanks again for the apron!!!!!! L,A-

  4. The month of December is low elf esteem for that!! Just popped on over to see what is going on here....I'm behind on blog reading. Enjoy your day!!


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