Friday, December 11, 2009


SOOOOO I had to manage to work all day by myself---(of course--you know me -- I did do alittle bit of sewing!!!)--  Ok where did I start today----

Another vintage apron--this one is on the ironing board by my primitive trees at the end of the Hoosier---

I bought this homemade stocking and the angel at the same booth at one of our Christmas Village day sales--both are made from old vintage fabrics--they are not my normal colors--but I do love them--they are on my bathroom door!!!

the smallest of the three primitive trees that I have--this one has hand knitted mittens on it and some Ice skates--some of the mittens I have gotten at craft shows some I have done myself--the two bears came from the Church sale this summer!!!!

This angel I made years ago--she made from lamp card stock and I made her at a work shop in York PA--I truly can not believe she has held up so well all of these years -- I just love her!!!!  she is on top of the mitten tree this year!

Here is four more of my vintage aprons and they are hung on this wood tree clothes rack--

this little corner is between my sewing/bedroom and the bathroom---the big silver thingy on the wall is one of my air machines that I have to run at all times!!!

I had this "brain storm" when I was resting late this afternoon---I took down the other curtains I had here (this "window" thingy looks into the kitchen from my dinning room)
ironed this set and ironed two more vintage aprons and pinned them to the curtains--now was that a "brilliant" idea or what??????  Unfortunately I do not have the table done yet--tomorrow--there is always tomorrow--hopefully!!!!!

SOOO I did work on getting the rest of the Christmas decorating done--oh--all three primitive trees got lights on them today and the middle one did decorated too--but still have the tallest one to do--and then some finishing here and there--and I will be done---tomorrow!!!!

YES--I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF--- I had to do alittle sewing--got the binding sewed on this one--he is all done--now----

ONLY THERE'S ONE PROBLEM--I have two more to quilt of these--both are done in different color---well--different fabric lines anyway!!!!

Got this in the mail box today!!!

I got this book (2008) book on for 1penny--(plus the $3.99 shipping)--she has some cute things in it--maybe next year--it is not all Christmas!!!

SOME MORE--Angels Explained by children---
What I don't get about Angels is why, when someone is in love,
They shoot arrows at them??
---Sarah, 7

I only know the names of two angels--
Hark and Harold!!
---Gregory, 5

Angels talk all the way while they're flying you up to heaven.
The main subject is where you went wrong before you got dead!!!!


Have a Great Weekend--we are very "cold" here in New York state tonight and it has been snowing!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. My, my, have been very busy lil' elf decorating :) I have not motivated to do too much decorating.

    I love looking at all your aprons and hearing all the stories behind your decorations. When the kids and I decorate the tree, I love retelling the stories behind the ornaments. Who gave them or made them, etc. The kids have given up on getting me to stop. Now they just go with the flow and let me do my thing lol. I think it is very important for them to have the history so when I'm gone they can torment their kids the same way :)

  2. I love your wall hanging tat you just finished. It is lovely. The little children sayings about Angels are so cute. I love those. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Love your little mitten tree. You have been very, very busy. It looks so nice.And you got another wallhanging done. Well done. We are doing a mini Christmas tomorrow; otherwise nothing will get packed. Only so much will fit in the suitcases. I will just keep enjoying all of your decorations. L,A-

  4. Love all of your aprons, and the birdie table runner is TOO CUTE! Thanks for making me giggle with the angel stories!

  5. Well I have to you sleep? You sure are busy, busy! A book for 1 penny on Amazon you say? Hmmm....I'll have to have a looksy

  6. I just love your collection of aprons. They are so fun to look at.
    Love your little wallhanging too. Looks great.


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