Tuesday, December 1, 2009


As some of you may remember I got me an old Hooiser cabinet this summer and in the olden days these were women's baking centers---so do I use mine that way????-it even still has a working flour sifter and everything--soooo----

See here is the flour sifter and there is even a set of old mixing bowls under it--

And this is what is in front of that area--

This is the middle section of the cabinet--I have an old wooden bowl with my old metal cookie cutters in it with a cute lamp light in the middle of them--the 3 gingerbreads you see are actual gingerbread cookies that I made a few years ago--I store them in a metal tin with the Christmas Decorations every year and they stay fresh!!--

and this is the display in front of the middle section--I have a really small set of baking tools--probably a kids set and a glass gingerbread ornament in front of them and they are in a small red and white striped bowl--

And now for a story---see the little miniature tea set on the left hand side--well, I picked that up maybe 8 years ago at a glass shop here in town---then about 2 years ago at a rummage sale I picked up the regular sized cup and saucer--not realizing until that next Christmas that they matched--then this year when I went to display them both in the Hooiser--I decided I needed a "backdrop" so I hauled out a couple Christmas books and found the one that said something about tea--decided that had to be the one--it wasn't until I had actually set it behind the tea sets that I realized it goes with the sets also--NOW how is that for a story??????   Behind the miniature set is an old gold glass tea jar that I have had forever!!!

And this is in the front of that section--yes I also collect rolling pins!!!!!  Maybe that is why I am "UNmarried"--the fellows seen I had too tooo many rolling pins???????

Bank update--Thankfully I am now only -26.00--will go to the bank and see about this hopefully tomorrow--sooo--maybe I will come out ok--I may even get around to feeling like finishing the decorating on the blue tree?????

Today was a shopping day--food--OK I confess-- I was totally out of chocolate---we are going to lose our one grocery store after the first of the year--we may only have Wal mart to shop at then---Bad news there--so the local grocery store is not stocking alot--and our Family Dollar store is going out of business--found a couple things there today that I stocked up on--I did not shop at this store often as it was a really "smelly" store--cheap candles--bad--bad---bad!!!

Then I had a doctor appointment and that took an hour--I did get alittle quilting done
but not alot--hope tomorrow I can get more done--how are you doing on your projects???

AH--look at these stockings that I made in August--I do believe that one of them is ready for a new home--soooo---just leave me a comment today and you may be the new owner of one of your choice--tell which one you would pick?????


What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus??????

That's all for today--see ya tomorrow!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. I came back to check out more clipart! LOL Actually fell in love with gingerbread decor as well. Every year I say I'll make some...here it is Dec and NADA! Happy Holidays to you....enjoy.

  2. Love your old fashioned decor. We had and used a Hooseier when I was a kid. There were no other kitchen cabinets otherwise. A Christmas Cup of Tea must generate stories, becuase when I saw it, about 8 years ago at an after Christmas sale, I bought one for myself and one to give to my sister the next Christmas. Before the next Christmas though, I found out that she already had it, so I was kind of stuck. Anyway, the third year, I got one as a gift from someone in my office. Three sets! I really didn't know what to do with them. I finally gave one to another of my sisters who collects tea things, but I still have 2.

  3. I would love an old Hooseier...I have never seen them here down under.
    You clever girl. love the stockings!
    Julia ♥

  4. I wish I had your energy, Di! I love the Hoosier cabinet (wish I had one) and all your cute collections in it. I use my li'l old pie safe for about the same purpose, only you'll never guess what? I have a donkey collection in mine, well & a few other things :) I love the stockings. Hmmmm, tough decision but I do love that reindeer. Keep on making the darling projects - I enjoy seeing them, and hope to make time for sewing this winter!! -Tammy

  5. You have been very busy--it all looks so festive. I will have to get a cabinet like yours cause back home in storage I have some of those bowls, and old cookie cutters and rolling pins and and and and and hubby is from Indiana so we need a Hoosier cabinet. Your stockings are all gorgeous, it would be hard to choose. If I win I will let you pick. Glad you restocked the chocolate. That is not a good thing to be out of!!!!!! Take Care. L, A-

  6. Your decorations are lovely - I really like the teasets:) And this layout is beautiful, too! Your stockings are cute - the reindeer is my favourite I think (you know me - anything with animals...) Have a good day,with hugs....

  7. Your cabinet is so nice. I love all your collections. You are way ahead of me with your chriistmas decorating. We did put the tree up and the outside lights. Your embroidered stockings are wonderful. I'm surpprised you are giving them away. I love them all but the one with the manger is my favorite.

  8. Those Pyrex bowls bring back a lot of memories - Mom had a well used set for mixing up all sorts of goodies *s*

  9. Hey Di,

    I haven't made time to visit in a few days, but thought I had commented on your pretty embroidery work on the quilt a few posts back. What a great idea!

    Well, your Hoosier cabinet is looking great with the little tea set and other things.

    And I LOVE your background and couldn't find this when searching a couple of days ago. I'm going to have to use this one too.

  10. Well, I forgot 2 things....(1) - boy can I relate to your money post!! Glad the bank worked with you on that.
    (2) I've seen this delightful snow effect before and think it's so pretty. Where can I find it? Thanks a bunch!

  11. Love all your vintage tools and decorations. Great displays. If I had a choice of stockings I would pick the one with the manger scene on it and next would be the tree. They are all so cute.


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