Friday, December 4, 2009

IT WAS "FRIDAY"!!!!!!!!!!!

Another week has come and gone--but we have all accomplished alot this past week---so onward goes the count down to "C" day!!!!

I got mail---today---the ornament signature blocks came ---

and Robin sent two other snowball blocks and --

and this pretty fat quarter---THANK YOU ROBIN!!!

WENT grocery shopping at Wal mart and went in the Christmas section and I bought these two birds --for next year---

can you guess what color I want on my white tree next year????

Here is some more ornaments from my big tree--

This mouse is "old"--she has been on my tree since my first tree after I married in 1967 or the following year--I put her on the tree first---WHY you ask---well---I really don't know--it is just the way it is?????

Son Dan made this in Kindergarten--it is a easy kids craft--just cut poster board into shapes and let them spell words with the little abc macaroni's and use some batting or cotton balls to top!!!

  This one Dawn made in Kindergarten-- and it is a dried milk weed pod--painted inside and out==glitter dots added and a small plastic figure and some cotton--another neat kids craft!!!!

And this was my son's--remember my daughter's yesterday--even though there is 8 years between them--they must of had the same teacher in one of their grades!!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend and take a minute or two to breathe--or hug a kid--or pet a kitten!!!
Hugs, Di

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  1. Thanks for reminding me to breathe. Like your birds and the mouse and all the ornaments. We have always had a bird tucked away in the branches of our Christmas tree ever since I was little. Have fun with your decorating. L, A-


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