Wednesday, December 16, 2009


OH MY--that letter to Santa has gotten all in a "tailspin" and now I have to figure out where I left off------

Yesterday in the mail I got the last book from Amazon that I had ordered and I just love it--

As you can see the book is a Robyn Pandolph book and it comes with a CD for the patterns--she has some really cute wall hangings and quilts and crafts to make in it--this book cost me 75 cents plus shipping--great bargain--hu????

So pop over and order yourself a "treat" for Christmas!!!

Today in the mail I got:

My ORNAMENT SWAP gift from Sylvia--it is soo cute and it already has a place of honor on my tree--

And here is a picture of the ornament I sent Sylvia--

Sylviasaid her colors that she likes are lime green and red--well I have to tell you all--I thought that would be impossible to find--and then remember when I had to order the white batting for the last Schnibbles quilt--in looking around that fabric site I found this fabric--lime green and red--and there sure was a lot of to do with cupcakes this year--so I am naming 2009 the year of the cupcake!!!!!

And these came in today---

my share of the civil war siggy blocks---I JUST LOVE EVERY ONE OF THEM AND I AM AMAZED THAT EACH ONE HAS A DIFFERENT PRINT FABRIC--how great is that--70 quilters and every one used a different fabric---What a plan--and there was NO plan!!!!
My sister was here for supper and we sorted and played with them and here is a break down---
there is 25 states here, plus 2 from Canada and 2 from Australia--and this is the break down by state--if anyone is interested???/

NC=6  PA=6  IL=5  TX=4  CA=4  GA=3  FL=3  AL=3  VA=3  AZ=3 OH=3 NY=3  TN=2  KS=2 MI=2  MA=2  OR=2  UT=2  RI=1  MO=1  NV=1  NJ=1  ME=1  WY=1 NH=1

great great great--what fun we are all going to have in January????  WELLL--maybe it will be February for some of us--by the looks of the TO DO list for January!!!!!!

What do you get when you cross an archer with a gift-wrapper??????
Ribbon Hood!!!!!!

WELL I wonder how "Santa" is doing over at the --with reading all our "wish list's"---

Ha-- I knew it ---we wore him out already!!!!!

Will Be Back tomorrow--with some "surprises"---hopefully!!!
Take time to breathe and to just enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the Holidays
Hugs, Di


  1. Hi Di, your page is my Christmas calender this year - I have to pop in and see the cute pictures and read what you are up to. Thanks!

  2. You should have a block from West Virginia, because I made it! The name on it is Cecelia. And yes, I have one from you.(I also have one from you for the ornament exchange.) I love these blocks, and I'm collecting more signatures to add to it before I start putting it together

  3. oh my gosh - I LOVE the cupcake ornament!

    I hope to get some presents made...or at least!

  4. The cupcake ornament is adorable! I received my civil war sig blocks too. I have no plans on when to start putting them all together or how I plan on doing it...

  5. Hi Di!

    I love that you took the time to list all the states! It's so interesting.I am wondering if the states with the most blocks are the states where there are the most quilters?
    I hope you enjoy putting them together =)
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Your ornament is too cute! Love it! And, those blocks look like such fun!


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