Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hi everyone---

do you see how my side bar is growing with all the "NEW" bom's I have joined---I am most sure that we heard "Di" say at the end of 2009--that 'SHE" was not planning on joining any in 2010--well--she did say maybe "ONE OR TWO"---BUT I believe is she beyond two now---maybe she is beyond help too---BUT OH WHAT FUN SHE IS HAVING--and isn't that what's life is all about---"FUN"---in a good kind of way??????   all the side "button" are linked up to the right sites so pop over and click on them and check them out!!!!

OKAY--- time for some fun---

I down loaded these pictures before Christmas--but with all the holiday pictures and happenings I did not get to show them---they had a "Bra" decorating contest here in the area in the early fall--here is some of the entries--

cute--but a little "froggy"

Oh my this one is alittle "ducky"--and blue feet even?????

OHHHH---not sure what to say here?????

I hope I am mistaken here--but this one I think is==is a snake!!!!!

well--here at last we have found some treasures!!!!!

Well done to the ladies who designed and made these!!!

today was my friend Anne's visit--we did go to another grocery store and then to the Good Grocer (health food store)  and came back here for lunch.
And I did do some embroidery work on one of the snowmen--it is almost done!!!!
And I got 2 packages mailed out from my "give aways"--so I did get something done--but where does the time go???????

well my computer did not want to work last night (Firefox) so I have lots of reading tonight to catch up with all the rest of "you"!!!!
Take care and have some fun tomorrow/today!!!

Hugs, Di&co.


  1. Sounds like a very busy year coming up for you - lots of lovely goodies to make.

  2. I'm doing my best not to join anymore swaps, exchanges or BOMs this year. I reallyl want(need) to complete some of the things I have already started!

  3. You are as bad as I am with the BOMs...... too many pretty ones to resist!!!


  4. the more the merrier, you cannot have too much sewing to do, or crafting in that case, let everything else go! lol. as long as you are having fun that is what matters.
    Love the bras,

  5. I haven't ever joined much. I did a signature block swap and an Annie doll swap last year. Now I am ready to go. I love the experience.

  6. Difficult to resist joining, I know.
    The bras were fun - what an idea! :))

  7. Maybe working on all the new BOM's will keep you out of trouble.


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